Wyotech-West Sacramento Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The education that i'm getting is the best and I love the program, the setting that we have here at Wyo Tech. I have a oppertunity to become a collsion technicsion. I always wanted to become a automotive tech a my school Wyo Tech grant me that oppertunity. I would recommend Wyo Tech to everyone I meet. I love working on car and Wyo Tech gave me that oppertunity and that's why my school is Wyo Tech.


its too expensive


waking up at the crack of dawn


There isn't really anything that bad about the school. I mean its not perfect, but who and what is? theres always going to be good and bad, pretty and ugly, nice and not nice its how you choose to live that makes the difference.


the worst thing? hmmm... i would say the price. This school is extremely expensive. I am not sure how im going to pay for this, but its my passion and love in life to do automotive work. So basically, i desperately need a scholorship.


the thing that i do not like about wyotech is the dress code and we are not aloud to have facial hair i do not think it it is right in the field no one cares if the people working on there car is wearing a jacket with a hood or a hat or a beard if it is clean i can understand if it is all scragally


I can't think of anything. The school is wonderful.


Having to shave every morning.