Wyotech-West Sacramento Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I knew a lot more about my trade and perfect it. Im coming into this school fresh and ready to learn and get my certification to get paid in the future to suppot a family.




I wish I would of known the area better. Its definately a culture shock for someone not used to city life.


wish i had known a little more about cars but they have great instructors and the hands on learning is awsome because we actually get to go out in the shop and do all the stuff we're learning in the class i think thats awsome.


I wish i knew just a little more about cars and the program that i was getting in to. That way i feel i would have gained a better understanding of everything.


I wish I knew that most of Wyotechs tools and machines are broken and most of the kids are immature. don't trust anybody. Their dorm rooms are too far and you have to carpool with kids who drive like maniacs. A lot of car accidents.