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Wytheville Community College

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What kind of person should attend this school?

People from every racial, ethnic, religious, and spiritual background are welcome at Wythville Community College. Both high school grades and those who have been working a regular job for several years are welcome at WCC. The learning environment is highly conducive to learning with easy access to resources, technology, and tutors available at a moments notice. The most important quality a student at Wytheville Community College has is tenacity. The ability to work hard to achieve your goals is the only prerequisite and if your willing, there is little doubt you'll be able at WCC.

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I believe that people who want a very good interpersonal relationship with their professors and fellow students should attend this school. It is also a great opportunity to receive your Associate's Degree before you attend a four-year institution. Another good reason people attend this school is to increase their GPA before they attend another college or university.

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