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Compared to other schools that I have considered, Xavier University of Louisiana is a private insituition with an acceptable student to teacher ratio. It is very small compared to other universities, such as the University of South Alabama, Auburn University, and the University of Alabama. Comparing my choices, Xavier University of Louisiana is the best choice for my field of study. The university has a pharmacy program that could help me become a successful pharmacist in less than eight years.


Xavier was the private college and only HBCU I choose to apply to.


Compared to other schools, Xavier is unique because from the moment you step onto the campus, you are surrounded by caring individuals. Campus Tours and Freshman Orientation are led by Peer Deans- enthusiastic, encouraging student leaders. Teachers are always willing to assist you. Though the academics are rigorous, the encouragement, motivation, and assistance you will recieve from faculty and staff along the way makes success not only possible, but almost inevitable.


Xavier is the only historically black catholic university in the United States. Xavier is a university where not only it strives to provide a good education but aslo a christian atmosphere.


Xavier tailors their education to MAKE sure that you will succeed in any graduate program that you may attend. The teachers make extra efforts and opportunities to help you understand the material.


Well it in the Who Dat Nation. The recent super bowl winners city. It's surrounded by fun and spectacular events


Compared to the other schools, Xavier is much more hands on. Even before registering they kept up with us and had events extra events for both the students and parents. For example, they had a week called "Laginape Weekend" which was basically a early orientation in the summer. They had events planned for the whole weekend for both parents and students and basically gave us a taste of the school and the city of New Orleans. They told the parents before they left they would keep an eye on me and til this day they still do.


It is located in New Orleans and is largely focused on Engineering and Pre-Professional programs such as Pre-Medicine . There is a also a significant amount of research done by faculty and students.


My school is the only Black and Catholic University in the country.


There is a strong sense of community.