Xavier University of Louisiana Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Xavier University of Louisiana? Why?


The worst thing about Xavier is their lack of additional sports and activities. Many of the friends I have made here were disappointed at the lack of baseball/softball teams, football team, and marching band.


Very degree focused school. If there was something social happening, it was almost exclusively the responsibility of the greek organization. The school also seemed highly focused on a very small particular set of majors. So in addition to being a pricey private university it isn't the greatest school to find yourself


The financial aid counselors are a joke. There are major problems with getting any assistance from them and there is some shady dealings going on with getting a financial aid packet. They tend to never want to work and will act as if a student is not doing their part. I've had money disappear and had to get my parents to call in to get my scholarship money back. They’re thieves at this school in the financial aid department. You have to be aware of what’s going on with your finances...ALL OF THE TIME!


The worst thing about Xavier University of Louisiana is the cafeteria food.


I feel like this school is too small and not open-minded to new ideas. I feel like this school needs to expand more. Also, I would like administration to be more open to student ideas for change.


I feel that the worse thing at my school is the lack of freedom that we have. I feel this way because we are all supposed to be adults yet they dont treat us as such.


I have nothing bad to say.


The worst thing about my school isnt anything in the school. Its the humidity that ridiculously crazy in the city of New Orleans.


Nothing...I may not like how things are runned sometimes and I wish they had more theatre classes, but I like it. The school is me. So I really can't say there is a 'worst thing'


The food in the cafeteria is not always the best.