Xavier University of Louisiana Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Xavier University of Louisiana?


The cost of attending Xavier University of Louisiana is expensive, so someone who is not willing to pay the high amount should not attend. Xavier is a Catholic institution, so if a person feels as if they are going against their belief, they should not attend.


Someone that is not serious about their academic prosperity it is a dry smoke free campus and someone who cannot afford to live off campus will probably not like the school also they need to be able to handle a lot of work.


A person who is focused ans well driven and willing to do hard work should attend this institution


A person who procrastinates, has serious time management issues, or who is just plain lazy and does not want to work hard should not attend this school. Xavier University of Louisiana is a school that stresses academic excellence and desires that students who attend the school succeed academically. It is a school that gets you prepared to enter other professional schools in the areas of medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry. A person pursuing a career in education can also attend this school. If you are dedicated, determined, dependable then you would be a very good candidate to attend this school.


If you are a person who does not like to be challenged with alot of hard work or if you dont like to put alot of time into your school work.


If a person has no belief in higher power this s not the schoo for them because Xavier is a Catholic school. For those that aren't Cathoic other churches provide tranportaion. Here we pray before any major event.


A person thats not interseted in furthering their education shouldn't attend this school.


Someone who is not willing to work hard. Someone who does not want to be successful or is indifferent about succeeding.


Someone who focuses more on their social life and the present more than the future.


A person who knows that they are planning to party all the time and put their work off till the last minute should reconsider attending this school.