Xavier University of Louisiana Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The Confucius Institute and the fact that I could continue my Mandarin Chinese Studies, is the best thing about this school. Unfortunately, I’m not able to major or minor in Mandarin Chinese, because it is so new at XULA.


The best thing about Xavier University of Louisiana is the classroom size.


It is the only private Catholic HBCU in the nation which makes it special and the city its located suppliments the fact that the campus is boring.


We have free tutoring centers for biology, chemistry, math, and a writing lab. We have drills for chemistry to help us learn.


The best thing about Xavier University of Louisiana is the relationships between faculty, staff, and students. If you are from Louisiana, if your family is an alumni here, or if you start your college career here, you will enjoy your stay. Transfers can be outcasted sometimes. The different departments seem to nurture their students as if they are their own children, and are willing to help at any time. Xavier is also a small campus, so the student to teacher ratio is very small, leaving much room for hands-on assistance.


Where one chooses to go to could be the most important decision in life. Xavier University ranked number one in placing African Americans in professional schools. This is because the university provided a just and humane society that prepared students to assume leadership positions in the world. In addition to the environment created by the university, there was also a liberal education given which allowed students to be well rounded. At Xavier one will learn that there are no limits and no boundaries as they will be encouraged to push themselves beyond their physical and mental limitations.


The way that everyone is very welcoming and follows the jesuit rules of the school.


The best thing about my school is that it will definately prepare you for the real world and the career you are trying to pursue. It is a very small campus so that you know who belongs and who does not. This helps to secure your safety on campus. You can study whenever you have to without being imterrupted, it is your decision.


The best thing about my school is the reputation it holds. I believe that my school's name will take me far after I graduate and help me because of the great curriculum they have. I also think that my school cares a lot about our education.


The bestr thing about my school would be the preparation it gives for Medical School and taking the MCAT.