Xavier University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Jesuit scholarship with a modern outlook.


We are known for our hospitatlity, whether that be by welcoming new people, helping the community or the many friendships that we have. However, we are still known best for our Jesuit education. This includes a larger core curriculuum, which might make some cringe, but actually increases the student's knowledge on various subjects.


Xavier University is best known for their academics. They have a wide variety of majors and classes to choose from. All of the proffessors are experienced and full of knowledge. The core classes required are very extensive, however, when you graduate from Xavier you are well-rounded and prepared to go out into the world and make a difference.


To the outside world our school is known for our stellar basketball team, but at Xavier students will tell you that's not what Xavier should be known for. Xavier has a spectacular orientation program. It is a 4 day orientation run solely by six Xavier students. They plan the entire event. Other student volunteer as group leaders and help students get to know each other and become apart of the Xavier community.


Their Business School.


Definitely for their foundation in community service as well as their basketball team. Go X! Also, they have an amazing school of Business (The Williams College of Business).


My school is best known for their excellent business programs and their excellent MBA program. They are FANTASTIC! In most majors in the school of business there is atleast a 90% job placement rate within 3 months of graduation. Also the professors are great; they really care and they know their topics very well. The small class sizes gives the professors to really know us and better help us. Most professors are great about providing extra help when they are needed. Xavier Business School also has programs in place that help students find internships, Co-ops and Careers after college.


I think that our school is best known, right now, for our basketball team because of the fact that we have made it to the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight in the recent years of the NCAA tournament. However, in the local area around Cincinnati & Ohio, we are known for being a very prestigious school that many students would like to go to because of its small-sized campus and great education.


I believe Xavier University is best known for theri MBA programs, and college basketball.


Most people have only heard of our school because of our basketball team, which is really good. In the region, however, Xavier is well know as a small private school that has a really good business and education focus.


Outside of basketball, our school is best known for our well rounded academics


Basketball, service, spirituality, friendship


Xavier University is nationally renowned for the quality of its faculty as well as their education progams, the business school and the flexibility of scheduling.


Academics, Soccer, and Basketball