Xavier University Top Questions

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Very nice campus.


The campus life is extremely close knit. It is impossible to walk accross campus and not know anyone unless you never leave your dorm room. And even then, you'll probably run into your roommate. People are extremely caring, and you never get lost in the shuffle.


Our core curriclum, the design of the school, and the religious environment.


Xavier University is a unique school because it has very high placement for jobs in the business school. Almost everyone is employed by the time they graduate in the business school. It is also very easy to contact and ask professors for help. I feel like at other universities it is hard to talk to your teacher.


At Xavier there are smaller class sizes and there is more personal attention from teachers and administration. Also Xavier offers a great atmosphere and many programs that are conducive for academic progress and growth. Being a Jesuit school also sets Xavier apart from many other schools. The Jesuit tradition of dedication to education makes Xavier stand out because because it makes students want to work harder. Who wouldn't want to go to a school that cares for education and the growth of it's students?


We are in a middle sized city. However, there are many schools here. Xavier is the private school, so there are many views. Xavier, although not as diversed as I would like, can be considered a family. Because we have a small size, it is easy to get to know people on campus.


My school is unique because although it is a private, catholic college it is very liberal and accepting of everyone despite race, sexual orientation and gender. There are many groups and organizations on campus for gay, and bisexuals, african americans and women. It makes sure that no one puts another person down because they are different and encourages those who don't fit into these categories to get involved anyway so that they can be more sympathetic to the person's struggles.


Small allowing me to be important and not just another number whille at the same time giving me a marketable degree.


Because we are a small school, a family atmosphere is created among students. We also do not have social fraternities and sororities so students become more inovolved in clubs and volunteering, which is another way students get to know each other. People tend to make new friends this way rather than staying in a single clique.


The size of Xavier is what seperated it from the rest.


The education at this school provides a wholistic view of education. Furthermore, Xavier is accpetin of all peoples and their endeavors making the education that much more real and applicable to life.


My school has a very high retention rate. It has a lot of social and academic resources for Freshmen to make them feel comfortable and help them adjust to college. There is a very unique 4-day orientation program called "Manresa" here, and the Office of Student Success and Retention is open to any and all questions or concerns of all students, but especially Freshmen.


Xavier's attitude is unique in comparison to other school. I constantly meet people who base their actions and their lives off the idea of, "How can I help people besides myself?" I sometimes go to other schools and I'm sit at the parties thinking it's weird not to hear anyone talking about the service their doing this weekend or it's strange that everyone is drinking. Our students care about the world around them and how they can change that world for the better.


The smaller size allows for a stronger sense of community among students, faculty, and staff. Also, Xavier offers a safe, aesthetically pleasing campus amidst a relatively urban setting. You have the city just a 5 minute drive away, but when your'e on campus you get that "small town" feeling.


My school is unique because it is small yet connected to the world. We only have around 4,000 undergraduate students, yet we have students from countries all over the world. There is a cohesive community feeling when you walk onto campus. I would not have traded my undergraduate experience at Xavier University for anything.


Xavier has around 4,000 undergraduate students - so it's not a big school but it's not really a small school. It's a Catholic Jesuit university, however, you are not required to go to church and people of all faiths are accepted. And I don't just mean accepted into the school -- people are very understanding when it comes to diversity. Xavier is big on core classes -- it's part of the liberal arts, well-rounded student education. Professors seem to live in their offices and students are helpful two. Plus, free ticketes to basketball games!


Xavier has a very small campus feel located in a large city. Although the campus and population is small, it is just a 5 minute drive to downtown where there is a ton of stuff to do.


When you step onto Xavier's campus an overwhelming feeling of inclusiveness hits you. As soon as I stepped on campus I knew this was the place for me. Everyone is kind and speaks to you, wether you know them or not. People do not care how much money you have or what kind of care you drive or even the clothes you wear. What they care about is who you are as a person.


The small size is nice because all class sizes are about the same size as a high school class. This allows you to feel like the teachers actually know who you are and listen to you. You aren't just a face in the crowd.