Xavier University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


How well Xavier prepares you to attain a job. Little Greek life and small classes and school, so you recognize everyone.


I brag most about the high academics provided at Xavier and the small atmosphere provided by the campus and classes. The classes are all very challenging, even the core requirement courses, causing each student to push themselves harder than ever in high school. Also, the small atmosphere helps make me feel like I'm home, recognizing almost everyone. And of course, the school spirit at the basketball games cannot be matched!


I talk about the small, compact campus and how most of my classrooms only have around 15-20 students.


I tend to brag about our highly successful Men's Basketball program, and also how academically competitive the classroom atmosphere is. I always rub it in that they have to sit through lecture in classes with 200-400 students where I have conversation-style lectures that are competitive fun and challenging


Xavier basketball is the heart of the school spirit, I brag about that the most.


Our Basketball team, and the fact that we have one of the best business schools in the country Also a very good entrepreneurship progam, which is nationally ranked and I am in it.


I tell them that I love how small the school is and how friendly everyone is. You can walk around campus and always know someone. Its great and it just really makes it feel that much more like home and very comfortable.


I tell my friends that my school's campus is so pretty and that the current President actually spoke there 4 times in a row.


The biggest thing I would brag about would be the school spirit surrounding basketball games. It tends to be the biggest deal for most people. On a more personal level, I really enjoy the academic challenge. I had no idea how to work hard in school until I came to Xavier.




I tell them that the atmosphere here is great. People are very friendsly, there is a lot to get invlved with on campus and I just love being here.


Our basketball team is sick! And our classes only have like 25 kids rather than 400 and I play golf with my teacher


Xavier gives off a sense of family the moment you walk on campus. You can't walk 10 feet without someone giving you a welcoming hello or friendly hug. There is a strong sense of community and desire to be men and women for others. Xavier truly prepares you to be a responsible and engaged citizen far after you graduate.


I tell everyone about all of the theatre that I do and how much I love being a part of Xavier Players - it's my life.


That the Jesuit mission allows for a more open and exploring attitude towards other faith and cultures. The size is perfect because it is easy to make friends and stay in touch with them.


The size