Xavier University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think the worst thing at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio is the parking for adult learners. We work all day and then when we have a class scheduled for a week night we have to wait until 5:oo p.m. before we are allowed to park in the student parling lot. This applies even if you have paid for a parking pass. Then the adult learners who attend classes on Saturday only have one parking lot that is close to the campus. If you don't get there early you have to park on the road.


It's location. The Jesuits always build in poor neighborhoods in order to do more good in the community, however, it's highly inconvenient for students without cars. Because the area's not good, it's not safe to walk anywhere off campus alone (although campus is very safe) , hence going anywhere can become a challenge. Plus, there's very little close to campus to do.


It is like its own little world, so sometimes I miss out on what is going on in the rest of the world. Other than that the only problem I have is that gossip travels REALLY fast because it is a small close campus.


I feel that in times with my advising and transcripts I am forgotten. I have had so many transcript issues there and at times i feel as if I am being thrown under the bus. There are a few advisors and other workers that care but many seem like they are just going to pass you along to the next person. The scheduling is HORRIBLE at Xavier. Some times the scheduling times happen at times while students can be in class so students have to decide between getting the classes they want or getting the education they are paying for.


The worst thing I think about my school is that it is hard to get adjusted to being there emotionally and academically. Although, there is an entire week for freshman students to find friends there is not any opportunities to help students get to the level they need to be on academically. Also, I believe that the week for freshman to find other frehman would have worked much better of they were in groups with others who had the same skills or that had similar majors.


The worst thing about my school is that during the year, it shelters many of the students from the events that go on right around the corner. Life is great on campus and for the residents but off-campus, in the outskirts, there are people/families suffering from poverty!


There really isn't anything wrong with the school except that there needs to be more study space for students and more restaurants around and housing facilities.


The parking situation on campus is very limited. Parking tickets are very common.


The only real problem I have found at Xavier is the housing system. Though I am just a freshman, I have already discovered the horrors of a housing lottery and how limited Xavier is in providing housing for all students. Luckily, Xavier is in the process of expanding the campus to have more upperclassmen apartments.


I don't get as much financial aid as I need


The worst thing about my school is the lack of shops and restaurants walking distance from the school.


I am frustrated with my lack of financial aid at this very expensive school. I am a good student with a cumulative 3.6 GPA. I work hard and feel that I receive absolutely no compensation for the amount of work that I put into my studues. I have two grants from Xavier and loans that I've taken out, but no scholarship money. I feel that the reason that I have little financial aid is because of my low ACT score (21). I would like to see more money given to me for my hard work


The only aspect of Xavier University that I am unhappy with is the lack of support for commuter students. As a commuter student, I have found it is often difficult to get to my classes on time due to traffic or a lack of convenient parking. In addition, it is extremely difficult for me to participate in extracurricular activities or attend the multitude of seminars or presentations the school sponsors. It has been equally difficult for me to have any significant social life on campus, and Xavier does not to my satisfaction do enough to help support commuters.


Lack of on-campus food and entertainment options after 7 p.m. Can't complain about anything else.


Probably that it doesn't have the latest and greatest equipment...but they are having a campaign to get all that stuff soon


The dining facilities are not the best.