Xavier University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Everyone there has a great attitude. Everyone that helped me through the enrollment process truly cared about my success. I could not imagine my future without Xavier. Xavier has so much to offer me and my future, and I can not wait to see where Xavier takes me in life!


Xavier University is a community of students who all enjoy each other and the school. All of the students are committed to their education and enjoying the time spent with friends. Warmth is a feeling i get when i think of Xavier. The best thing about the school is also what people complain about the most- Size. Upsides- Small classes, you know at least 5 people on your way to class, you can recognize most of your class at least by face, anyone living on campus has anywhere between a 1-10 minute walk to get anywhere on campus. Downside- You see the same people all the time, weekend nights are hit or miss, and though there is diversity, the type of people that attend this school is not diverse. Cincinnati is a decent college city. UC and XU share the town, and the nightlife is what you would get at most other cities. Xaviers local bar, Dana Gardens, is the place to be for xavier students before during and after the nights festivities. As for pride, at Xavier, its all XU all the time.