Xavier University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is interested in the trivium and quadrivium.


Students at Xavier University are frequently passionate about their faith (whether they are Catholic or not~all faiths are greatly accepted) as well as their academics. People seeking to gain great one-on-one time with their professors to enhance their knowledge and learning experience have no trouble finding time and places to achieve this. Big sports fans are found all over campus, and everyone gets especially invovled in the basketball season! There are many outlets and times for people who like to have fun with friends, both on and off campus! Looking to make new friends? Come to Xavier!


Any person can attend Xavier! You have to be willing to work hard and look for help when you need it. Students and staff are happy to help, and it is easy to meet tons of people within the first week of school. It is a small campus, but it is a huge community. Xavier has a huge network in Cincinnati and around the world that makes the school such a great community, but it is a very close-knit community.


A person who is looking for small class sizes and professors who really care about you. Most professors know everyones name in the class only weeks into the semester.


A person who is willing to work hard for a fantastic education. Xavier will open doors for you but you have to earn it.


The kind of person that should attend Xavier is someone who is ready to have the time of his or her life. Someone who has a great attitude towards all aspects of life and who is ready to be challenged academically. The person should be willing to accept diversity and cultural differences. Also, this person should want to get involved and give back to the community.


One who doesn't want the large campus feel. Someone who is independent and will not be easily saddened. Someone hardworking and determined to be successful.


The type of person that should attend Xavier University is one that wants to be sure to have a sampling of all areas of academia; business majors will get exposure to science and arts and philosophy allowing them to better understand the world around them and consequently be able to make better decisions.


Someone who is friendly and outgoing should attend Xavier. Everyone here is very enthusiastic about being Xavier students and the people who tend to not fit in are shy and unwilling to get involved around campus. A prospective student should be academically oriented in order to do well. At the same time, they should not be uptight about having a good time. This is not a party school, but people tend to work hard and enjoy their social time as well.


An eager minded student who has a desire to find knowledge and truth.


People who are not afraid to be themselves but who can buckle down and focus when it comes down to it. This is not a school for heavy partiers or people who are not willing to put in effort to get decent grades.


The person who would be most comfortable and happy here would be someone who is liberal, sporty, relatively smart, laid back, outgoing, interested in helping the community, is comfortable in sweats but doesn't mind to dress up, and enjoys discussion-based classes.


Someone who is out-going, and very open. As well as looking for good academics, career preperation, and clubs to participate in.


This school is great for everyone and almost all fields are being offered here


Someone who wants to be involved in serving others and being aware of the issues facing our world


Someone who focuses a lot on academics but still likes to have fun. Must like being at a small school.


Anyone who is open to new experiences and wishes to become a well-rounded individual should attend Xavier. The theology and philosophy courses will challenge preconceived notions of...well...everything. Along with challenging material, there's a lot of it. The work load is heavy but manageble, and will teach you the meaning of time management. But class isn't everything, there is always some activity going on around campus -- whether it's a basketball game, free food being given out, or intramural sports. Xavier has something for everyone.


Someone who is very passionate about academics, the environment, and the community. They should also be very goal and career oriented.


There's a niche for everyone at Xavier. People who value volunteer work should come here becuase there are scholarships for you and many opportunities to get involved. If you are a good student and value you education but still know how to have a life outside of homework, you'll fit in here. Don't come here if you feel you need Greek life or that it is something you want to experience. Personally, I think that the lack of Greek life makes Xavier special and students get involved in more meaningful activities.


A variety of people could fit in at Xavier. There are engaging, challenging courses of study for those academically-focused , but also classes that people can get As in while playing video games in their rooms during class time. There are a variety of extracurricular groups to keep you busy. I've heard complaints that it's too small or there's nothing to do on the weekends, but I've never felt that way--not for someone who likes big city living. It's a contained campus for people who don't want to get lost!