Xavier University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Xavier University is signing up for a class and then not being able to have the required text book on the first day of class. I have had several classes where it was quicker for me to order the text book on-line or find it at an off campus discount book store. I like being prepared for class and not being able to have a text book because there wasn't enough ordered for the subject, or the text bookl is on back order makes me feel unprepared and unprofessional.


They have to many required courses so you have no freedom to take a course because you like it, because it won't fit in with your major and you wont have time.


Xavier's most frustrating characteristic is the tuition. I find it mind-boggling that to attend an institution such as Xavier, a student must break the bank in order to afford it. Coming from a family of 7, and average income, I have always been dollar conscious. Even though I knew the price tag, I knew Xavier was the environment and education I needed to succeed.


There are no real good things around campus within walking distance. The nearest mall or wide selection of resteraunts are close, but definitely a drive away.


The inability of students without federal work study to work on campus


There is not a lot of opportunity to avoid taking certain professors if you did not get along with them in a previous semester. Although I love the small campus, this is the only downfall to having a smaller staff. It does not happen very often that you find a professor that you do not like, however, when the situation does occur, it is difficult to avoid them if you need to take another class with them.


How the administration seems to play the role of high and mighty to the students. Professors great, but administration not so much.


The school was not in an ideal location. To get to many places, ie. the grocery store, a mall, the movies, it was necessary to have a care.


Scheduling classes and being closed out of small sections that are needed for your major.


The library is not up to par and some of the academic classrooms are out of date and could use some refreshing. I don't think my learning is hindered because of this, but i do believe that it would be beneficial to see some improvements.


It's uphill!