Xavier University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have realized all the required courses xavier has, and I wish they had a wider range of courses available.


I wish I had known about all the opportunites, majors, clubs, and internships offered. I could have known these things had I prepared a little bit more. I was hesitant coming into Xavier, but I immediately saw the opportunites were endless. The facility is unbelievably helpful. They truly want you to succeed and are more than happy to help you with any questions or ideas you may have. I wish I had been more relaxed and excited to start at this university because it is awesome and I am so glad that I chose to come here!


Before coming into Xavier University, I wish I would have had better study habits in high school. Xavier classes are challenging and forces it's students to study vigorously for it's classes. I had to get accostomed to a new way of studying and preparation for exams and tests.


I wish I would have known about the community here. It is such a great environment and everyone is so open to others. I was so scared coming into college but after attending the school's orientation I felt completely safe here. I met new people and felt like I was home here.


I wish I had realized just how much free time I'd have, and that I should fill the free time up with studying morethan anything else. In order to do well in classes, you have to make a huge effort outside of class and utilizing free time. Xavier has great professors and resources to help you be successful in college, but you need to use the resources and go to professors for help when you need it. If you make the effort to learn and succeed in classes, then the professors will help you as much as they can.


The attitude of the people running the school and how poor it truly was. They put on a facade during any time when they were speaking to a large group and turned into awful people when it came to one-on-one discussions.


How much like high school it can be. It is so smallthat everyone knows everyone.


I wish I would have known how great of school it was and how lucky and priviledged I am to be a student there.


I wish I had known a little bit more about all the different activities. Definitely go to the club day because you are sure to find a group or team or something that will fit you. There is something for everyone!


Nothing, Xavier University has meet all my needs and expectations. I beleive I had all the vital information needed to make the right decision.


The lack of on-campus housing


I wish I had known how unimportant art is to Xavier. I thought since it was a Liberal Arts University, there would be a bigger art program.


Before I came to this school I wish I had known better study skills. I think I knew all that I needed to know besides that when I started school at Xavier. I can not think of anything else that would have helped me more than learning things on my own.


How much work it can be if you get behind


I wish I would have known to put more effort in during my freshman and sophomore years.


What the social scene was like. Overall I am happy with it, but I wish I had known how many Friday and Saturday nights I would have spent staying in, rather than going out with friends.




How bad Ohio winters are. because I do not like the cold. I did my research, I visited this school and it just felt like home so I made sure to find out everything possible before making my final choice


I wish I had known that tuition can increase every year and I wish I had known more about the class and times, and commuter services.




I wish I would have realized that while a small school does have a lot more opportunities for smaller class sizes and individual attention, you also give up a lot of other opportunitites a large school provides.