Yakima Valley College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


YVCC is a local community collage located in Yakima that provides great oppertunity and quality learning expierences


YVCC is a great college that has excellent teachers, facilities, student help, and multi-cultural alumni


The Yakima Valley Community College in Grandview is fairly outdated, for example a keyboarding class I am taking requires a certain software that is only compatible with the school's own computers and Windows computers. I can't even do my typing at home, I always have to go to the school and use their computers. YVCC in Grandview is relatively smaller than it's partner in Yakima, therefore the library is not as large, nor are it's computer labs. Overall, for being small, it is very well kept, I never notice any littering or vandalizing outside the school.


Yakima Valley Community College is a small yet extremly fulfilling school with countless oppurtunities for people of diverse backgrounds, brought together by their common desire to learn something new every day.


A great school that I can go to not that far from home.