Yale University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Yale is best known for the amazing facitilities and opportunities it provides for its students. Yale is also know for having a residential college system where students live together and immerse themselves in academic and social environments. Yale is also known for its amazing architecture, especially our libraries. Yale has several graduate schools associated with it, including a fantastic medical school and a renowned law school school.


My school is best known for a mainly North East environment. If you are not from the North East then you are an outsider. Everyone parties at the University of Tampa and usually every day of the week. Everyone comes from money.


The academics and the architecture. The academics are some of the best in the world, with some of the most passionate and knowledgeable faculty members I have ever met. In addition to the staff, the courses are completely unique and the material is fascinating. Any person interested in any field of study can find more than enough classes to interest him or herself. The architecture ranges from Georgian to Victorian to Gothic and more, and each building has its own incredible history and features. Every student also has dozens of opportunities to work with and meet accomplished alumni.


Top academics and with excellent small liberal arts feel. The residential college system makes the school of approx. 5000 undergrads feel even more intimate


Yale is best known for it's incredible resources: it's professors, its libraries, its extremely broad extracurricular groups and incredibly student diversity. Students from every US state and dozens of countries come to Yale because of it's tradition of excellence. There is a strong emphasis on undergraduate education while also providing exception graduate studies as well. There is a reason it was ranked the #2 university in the world in 2009.


Academics, residential college system, prestige


My school is best known for both its intense academic climate, as well as its spirit and openness. We have a residential college system, which makes the transition to living away from home much earsier. We also have many kids who are interested in things other than academics.


Yale is best known as an excellent liberal arts college


My school is best known for being a friendly, helpful environment to learn and do research.


Yale is known for a number of things. Yale has a good variety of resources for students interested in different projects.


Ivy League


Probably its reputation; but among those who have been there, its friendliness and excellent faculty.


Caliber of faculty, focus on undergraduate education.




Rich kids and very smart kids.


Perhaps having graduated so many presidents, and its international focus and prestige.


Yale is best known for excellent academics, a big endowment, a small acceptance rate, and giving birth to US presidential candidates that people hate and love.


Yale is best known for being one of the greatest schools in the world. People oustide the Ivy League don't know much about it other than that, however. Within the Ivies, Yale is still very much revered but not thought of as an untouchable place. In that circle, Yale is the place where students are generally incredibly happy (with school, extracurriculars, and campus life in general).


Being Yale. haha. But also how THRILLED almost all the students are. I've barely met anyone who isn;t head over heels for Yale.

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