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I've never seen a place that boasts so many of the world's geniuses in realms ranging from the sciences to the arts. Going to class, you'll walk amongst published poets, renowned mathematicians, and acclaimed singers. Not to mention, they've have created foundations, charities, and community service programs that give back to the WORLD. The talents here are overwhelming, yet you'd never know. Everyone here is so humble. It only inspires you to contribute. Although talents are everywhere, they'll never be to the concentration that it is at Yale, especially with the amount of humility.


Shopping period is very unique. It allows is to try out classes before sugning up to take them for the semester.


Yale is unique in that it embodies the ideals and practices of a liberal arts education, including an emphasis on foreign languages and study abroad, while still offering first-class education and research opportunities/resources in the sciences.


Residential college system, proximity to NYC, beautiful campus, great athletic facilities




East coast prestige.


The Residential College system makes the university much more comfortable. Yale is dividedd into 12 residential colleges, which are very close, I like sharing the dining hall with the same people.


If you are motivated and assertive and have a strong personality, Yale is a good place to go. It is not a good place to go if you're a wallflower, it is not a good place to go if you aren't willing to put yourself out there, and it is not a place to go if you're looking for a simple, fun, relaxing time in college.


Resources and facilities far superior.


Yale's alumni network is amazing. Also, when you meet most Yale alums, they always say they loved their experience there. I did not find that true of people from other Ivy Leagues.


It's Yale


There are strong presence of peer pressure to retain the tradition of excellence for which the school and its students have always been known. Thus, there are absolutely no necessity for the school and the administration to launch any form of programs to encourage or push the students to excell in any other way. The self-motivation of each individual student and the students' deep and intrinsic sensitiveness toward the perspectives of others regarding themselves allows for an almost perpetual positive feedback cycle in which to be left behind is destined to be simply equated with failure and laziness.


The faculty, the courses, the student body, and especially the wide range of activities all set Yale apart.


The inner passion and love of life that all Yalies seem to have is unparallelled anywhere else. Everyone here is also so multifaceted and interesting that you never cease to be amazed. The girl you're meeting up with for drinks with a Bio and Art double major after her a cappella concert is strangely not exceptional.


Yale has residential colleges where you live for all four years and have a sense of community within in a large university.


Two Yale freshman talk about living in Old Campus and their experience at the school.


A Yale student from New York talks about what it’s like to be in a small town and how the school prepares students.


A freshman students talks about her experience so far at Yale and about getting involved.


A Yale students talks about why she chose Yale, some stereotypes, and something students might not know.


Four Yale student talk about their experience at Yale, including tips on the application process.


I can't say enough wonderful things about Yale. It is a BEAUTIFUL campus. Even in the dead of winter, when the amazing Northeast colors have died out and before the blooms of spring, Yale is still gorgeous due to the architecture. Sterling Memorial Library is a house of worship- worship of learning. Both Sterling Memorial Library and Payne Whitney Gymnasium resemble cathedrals. The residential colleges are very beautiful inside and out - no hard concrete interiors and bunk-beds for Yale! Most rooms have hardwood floors and fireplaces. But the sense of community and Yale spirit that overflows every corner of campus is the true beauty of this university.

PoliSci gal

Going to Yale was the best decision I ever made!


good luck getting in and paying for the tuition


The average Yalie is pretty rabidly in love with Yale - that stood out most when I was visiting campuses back in high school. Even without the name and reputation, I can;t imagine any student being happier elsewhere (including the occasional misanthropes who would be miserable anywhere they went). Also, prospective students think they're scoping us out at Bulldog Days (the visiting days for admitted students), but we use that time as a screening process. We love Yale, and strive to make sure the right kind of student - the intellectually curious but passionate and sociable kind - should be here. If we're kind of cold to you, well... you know what the verdict was ;)


It's fun! I'd recommend it!


There are a couple small things that make life here very wonderful when I'm simply walking down the street. To begin with, I here foreign languages every day, just in conversation on the street. Some of them I can identify; others are more unusual. Also, the people of New Haven are vocal and interactive. They will encourage you if you're going for a run, chat with you in Rite Aid, and blast music from their cars. I feel a sense of familiarity in the Yalie conversations I overhear on the street. The expressions, mannerisms, tone, and even content of what I overhear is strangely often what I would myself express, or what my good friends express. This is weird in a place as diverse as Yale, but I guess it's just a sign that we've developed a culture.


There's a great Sushi restaurant on Howe Street.. Worth coming to Yale for.


Food is actually generally pretty good - you just have to be resourceful if you don't get into Berkeley or Davenport College. MAKE USE OF THE LAW SCHOOL IF YOU SKIP BREAKFAST!


I don't really appreciate the weather here. It's cold and it's rainy. That would have been the one advantage of going to Stanford ...


Rooming here is amazing. I'm a freshman and I have a single- and a ton of other freshmen can say the same. A lot depends on which residential college you're in (I'm lucky and happen to be in the best one, Jonathan Edwards), but overall rooming here is great. Also, they don't care if you violate the rules. I have a pet hedgehog in my room in a giant cage above my bed- I was here when the room inspector came and he didn't give it a second look.


If you know right now that you definitely, absolutely want a job in a field other than science, finance or academics I would recommend you go someplace cheaper with a more proactive real-world-oriented approach to your chosen field. If you are a film major at Yale, you'll become great at writing about and tearing apart films, but you'll barely get your hands on a camera, and you won't get credit for working on film sets over the summer. Living in New York now and trying to work in Television, I can tell you that had I gone to Syracuse I would be much more competitive in the marketplace, and also I'd run into many more of my school's alums in job interviews and production meetings. Of course, none of this is true if your mom, dad or favorite uncle is already well established in the industry.


i think i said what i wanted to say


Yale is what it is. Deal with it.




The great thing about Yale is that there is always something going on. If you want to go out for a drink (or many), you can do that on any night of the week, and more importantly, find other people that want to do the same. However, when you need to buckle down and get schoolwork done, there are always plenty of people doing that as well. I think that this gives students a terrific balance.


best place on earth, but nobody dates here, which is really sad...i wish we had more traditional boyfriend/girlfriend ish dating, and not just hookups

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