Yale University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Yale currently does not offer any minors and most of the majors are very grounded in the liberal arts. While I appreciate the importance of being well-rounded with a liberal arts degree, Yale does not offer many undergraduate options for pre-professional interests.


To whom it may concern, My city and school were not on the list, Colorado State University-Pueblo in Pueblo, Colorado. The worst thing about my school is the lack of flexible courses available to students. All my classes have to be taken during the day and are not available to be taken during the evening. This can be a challenge for most students because of family obligations, job schedules and extra curricular activities.


It is really cold and I have to walk far to get to my classes in the winter.


The worst thing about Yale is its location- in New Haven, Connecticut. Connecticut is a beautiful state, as is the city of New Haven, but if anything were wrong with this school it would easily be the location. For most classes students must cross busy city streets, and the city is in a constant state of movement. While this is favored by some, most students would prefer a more secluded and quiet environment. New Haven is a wonderful place, but with the potential dangers of a city it is certainly not the ideal location for a college population.


While the professors are great, the staff that runs the dining halls and cleans the dorms, etc, are extremely lazy and do not care about their jobs. It is really frustrating.


The weather. Especially for students from southern climes, the northeast can require a bit of transition. It rains in New Haven a great deal and the winter is cold! But at least it's not as cold as at Harvard... ;-)


A large emphasis on exploring different topics in the first couple of years can sometimes lead to indecisiveness when it comes time to picking a major, but it's not really a huge problem. Being forced to take a bad meal plan your freshman year is really the only negative thing I can say about Yale.


The occasional pressure to figure out what you want to do with your life well before you actually have any idea...oh, and some of the girls.


The worst thing about the school is how hard the classes are.


You forget what the world is like outside Yale.


The primary fault of Yale is that it's a more of a research corporation/alumni-producing machine. As an instutition, it runs poorly. As a school, it teaches poorly. Sorry to burst your bubble. You really have to be self-directed, persistent and aggressive to get the most out of your experience. While that may sound easy or par for the course for an overachiever in secondary school, trust me, it's definitely a flaw. Don't expect a competently run or responsive caretaker nor a school with good teachers. Professors are smart but they rarely teach.


Student athletes have somewhat of a disadvantage, as students and athletes, due to the combination of Ivy League, Yale, and NCAA rules. There is not enough support for athletics coming from the administration. Instead of seeing athletes as a great way to build invaluable skills such as teamwork, they think that athletes are bringing down the quality of education at Yale. Even though it was sometimes very frustrating being a student athlete at the school, I have no regrets.


The worst thing is that there isn't enough time to take advantage of all the things the school has to offer.


I think the one of the worst things about Yale is not having minors. Most Yale students are interested in many things, and it's unfortunate that there is no program to allow minor fields of study. Another thing that is unfortunate is the lack of time (due to academic demands) that students can dedicate to the plethora of extracurricular activities Yale has to offer.


Kids worry way to much about schoolwork


Lack of diversity.


Perhaps living in New Haven, which has a lot of cultural events and great restaurants, but which is fairly dangerous and has little to do. Yale compensates completely though by having massive amounts of activities going on, and a very rich student community. Living in New Haven really didn't bother me at all, Yale was fantastic.


There are some professors who are amazing at what they do and are at the top of their fields, but just aren't good professors. On the other hand, professors who are really invested in their students and are good at teaching often get looked over.


the worst thing would be that it rains alot and that it is in a somewhat "sketchy" neighborhood

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