Yale University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


As a Hispanic Episcopal priest, I want to affirm my community, open my church doors to everyone, especially to the Hispanic LGBT community. I aim to use my Yale theological/pastoral preparation to assist me in developing an evangelization and outreach program that encourages a deep relationship with God, an atmosphere that promotes companionship. Most traditional Episcopal seminaries do not offer the ecumenical and spiritual diversity found at Yale Divinity. The greatest legacy I can give Yale Divinity School and Berkeley Seminary and those who have dedicated themselves to me is to be faithful, have compassion and love for all.


There's not just one thing that you can consider "the best thing" about Yale. It's an amazing school all around. We have a world renowned legacy, attracting some of the best proffessors in their fields and the best students in the country. Our classes and extra-curricular activities are numerous and varying, allowing room for a very wide range of interests. The residential college system makes it so that you're part of a family, despite the size of our school (approximately 5000 undergraduates). Every last detail is thought of, and there's always someone willing to help.


The absolute best thing about Yale is the immense amount of support and encouragement given to students from their peers, as well as their professors, coaches, deans, and other faculty. Yale can come across as a daunting place to begin with, which is why this type of environment is so crucial. As soon as I stepped on campus, I was surrounded with people who truly wanted to help me make the most of my life, and so far, that has been the best thing about Yale.


Yale is one of the best schools in the country and has terrific professors and students. There is a variety of class sizes and you can always find a good fit.


Almost everything about Yale is the "best thing" about the school. The arts are rich on campus, and for musicians it is a more varied and opportunity-laden environment than any of the greatest conservatories (and I can say this having attended Juilliard Pre-College). Perhaps the best thing about Yale for most students is the fact that one can be in a freshman course in almost any subject and have a nobel laureate as one's professor. Learning from minds of this magnitude, and having comfortable access to them for after class conversation is a gift.


The best thing about my school is the myriad of organizations. One can be involved in a number of club and if the club doesn't exist, they can make it up. It really is a great place to let yourself grow. It is a bubble; it is a safe space to explore sexuality, creativity, and who you are.


To the undergraduate, the best thing from Yale, aside from academics, is the residential college system. Randomly chosen, the colleges represent a macrocosm of society and from early on create a firm support system for students. From Master's Teas to study breaks, the residential colleges provide a way to network with others, both in and out of the university, and becomes an important part of a Yalie's identity throughout his or her life.


Residential college system


I consider its dedication to making the college experience the best possible for each student to be its hallmark, from (of course) academic opportunities and performance, to post-graduate preparation, to extracurricular activities and social events.


The best thing about Yale is the residential college system which gives you a community and family.


All the opportunities that are open to you as a student here. Classes from world-famous professors, extracurriculars in nearly whatever field you could want to explore, internship opportunities, etc.


The best professors and the best resources.


Yale's competitive financial aid and status among institutions of higher learning allow it to enroll students with a stunningly diverse collection of interests. The environment supports exploration among students and faculty so that undergraduates at once become experts in their fields while still receiving a world-class education from faculty and, more importantly at times, from each other.


Ivy League


Yale is so strong in such a wide variety of subjects that you'd be in a wonderful place to study just about anything.


Residential College System.


The residential college system is what I consider to be the best thing about Yale. The different residential colleges provide students with a smaller community environment within the bigger university. Each college has a Master and a Dean, its own dining hall, library, housing, recreational rooms, and intra-college events like guest speakers, activites, ski trips, etc... The master and the dean provide students with one-on-one support, academic advisement and general counsel. The housing in the colleges is beautiful and the dining halls have excellent food and are not overcrowded.


A Cappella. If you sing...you'll be happy at Yale.


Residential college give you a small college feel.


The friends I made there and the residential college system.


The vibrance of the environment and the freedom and resources to grow creatively and intellectually. We often complained about being stuck in the "Yale bubble," cut off from the real world in this safe, diverse, busy universe. A few months away from it has made me realize that the best thing about Yale is the "bubble," the incredible (albeit expensive) four year life in a world where monotony and real-world responsibilities don't stand in the way of personal growth and development. You are allowed, encouraged to get caught up in the experience of Yale. That is the point.


The people are smart, focused, generous, fun, funny, and kind.


Living conditions because the way they're set up enables you to have a small college feeling with a big college atmosphere


The people: the students, the professors, and everyone in between. The money: financial aid, fellowships.


the great sense of community, abundant resources, and top-notch professors.


The resources are amazing--you will not find better opportunities to accomplish something than here. All you have to do is come up w/ the idea or dream. Yale is very likely to fund most any kind of summer project. I have traveled around the U.S., the Czech Republic, and Suriname on Yale's money. Yale's very 'married' to China right now, so if China's your thing, Yale is the rght place.