Yavapai College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I would describe my classmates in two ways, immature and sucess driven. A lot of my classmates are here for sports, so they focus more on the sport rather than their academics. They do not always take the classwork seriously and they goof off during class. The rest are success driven and really care about their education. They form study groups and create study guides to help their performances on quizzes and exams. They pay attention, take good notes and ask lots of questions, which to me, means they are focused and here to learn. Overall I have good classmates!


My classmates are sociable , and have a passion for learning.


Diverse, a mixed age group, ranging from people who are sixteen to seventy five years in age.


My classmates are very hard working and dedicated, however they can be a tad bit quiet.


They seem nice.


My classmates are extremely dedicated and determined.


The classmates are equally learning in their own field as I am so there is no judgement or critical comments upon one another, and it's amazing to how there is to learn with the best of teachers to not make us students feel underachievers.


My classmates range from several different countries and age groups, very interesting people.


My classmates are very focused, but you can find the occasional partier. In college, its alot different than high school, those of us who have to earn our college money, we take classes serious but still know how to have fun while doing so.


My classmates have been relaxed, open and helpful.