Yavapai College Top Questions

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My school is a community college that has small classrooms that allow for the professor to actually care and get to know the students. Yavapai College also has dorms on campus which made it easier for me to make my decision. Yavapai College is a small campus which means that every building is simply a walk away and there is no real rush. The campus is so green that coming from the desert it is a breath of fresh air. It is a beautiful campus with professors that really care about my success.


Yavapai College is smaller than a lot of schools but still has a lot of great programs. The nursing program is one of the most popular and rates among top programs offered at universities. While education is important I would add that the most unique and wonderful thing about Yavapai is its location. Prescott, Arizona has one of the most beautiful landscapes, wonderful climate and is centrally located. You can enjoy the rural atmosphere and small town feel of Prescott and take a trip to the city in about an hour. Best of both worlds.


The college I have chosen offers a helicopter flight program to give you an associates in helicopter flight. The college I have chosen also has offers electrical and and computer sciences degrees.