Yavapai College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I tell my friends about Yavapai college, I often tell them about the people I've met, whether it be teachers, friends, or fellow students. Yavapai college brings our community together by giving people from all walks of life the chance to enroll and attend classes, while most universities have a more restricted student body. There is so much wisdom to be gleaned not only from the teachers, but also from the veterans, single mothers, and the rest of the diverse and fascinating student body at Yavapai college.


That I am going to be attending an amazing school to better myself.


The few things I brag the most about my school to my friends would be the support of alumni and fans that come to our games. They help us on and off the field no matter what the situation is. It's definitly like having a second family there along with your biological family. Also the people on campus know you if your an athlete and they always ask questions and comment on how good the team did against a team.


Most of the time, the thing that I brag about to my friends about my school is the fact that it has residence halls. Not many community colleges house students in on campus housing, and the residence halls are actually pretty efficient. They are clean, well run, and they draw in students who would not otherwise be able to come to the school. The resident assistants are amazing and they even put on monthly events for their students. It's pretty cool.


This is my first time going to Yavapai College. I would have to say that the campus is beautiful. The drop-in counslers are very good at what they do. At yavapai college they offer a great program in the radiology field. My mother and brother both have graduated from yavapai. One great thing about this college is the students, the range of ages there are from 18 to 50yrs old.Another good quality about yavapai college is, the willingness they have to help with any problems or concerns with the enrollment process or class information. I am excited "college".


The main positive aspect that I tell my friends about Yavapai College is basically the same as the above. The smaller campus means you aren't just another body in a seat like in some larger colleges. It is easier to get help directly from the instructor, who actually knows your name.


How wonderful and supportive the teachers and advisors are for the students.


The college sports games are awesome, the teachers are always there to help and everything needed for class is always avaliable. Also the classes are very interesting and informal.


i don't really brag