Yavapai College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


At Yavapai College there are many great things, but sometimes being at a small college in a small town like Prescott gets very dull. At times it becomes very beneficial like for exams and staying focused, but can make semesters seem legnthy. To me I find it boring at night becuase the town is mostly populated with retired poeple and rehab facilities.


This is a hard question as I love my school. I guess perhaps the worst thing would be when I found out that due to the pre-requisites required for the Nursing program I am currently tapped out on my financial aid eligibility, and I have three semesters left to complete the Nursing program. Wish I had known that earlier as I may have planned better for the loss of income.


There is nothing bad about this school. My mom went there before she had to drop out and work full time, and she loved everything about it.


The thing that I consider to be the worst thing about my school is the fact that they have a theater building but no theater program. I work in the admissions office, and I hear so many potential students turning down the school because there is no real theater program. The problem is that the theater is mainly used for community activities and events and is not available for student use. Personally, I think the administartion should consider building that program up.


I think the worst thing is how teachers have to travle back and foreth from the campus in prescott to the campus in cottonwood, because it puts more stress on teachers and slows down learning when the teacher has to miss class due to weather conditions.


The thing thats worst about yavapai college is that since it is so small and if you have lived n prescott, it reminds a lot of people of high school. Being in a college that reminds you of high school isnt always the greatest for most people.


Like I said before this is my first time going to yavapai college. Many complaints I have heard from other students and have experienced myself. They do not help as far as financial-aid goes, it's not that you won't get approved but they take either too long to review your finances, or they don't tell you about other information before it's to late to enrole. I do not have much experience in trying to get financial-aid being my first time going to college, but I thought they would be on top of that situation.


The worst thing about my school is the meal plans and food variety portions. The meal plans are either to big or to small. What I need in a meal plan is some were in the middle; where I can eat a good, healthy meal thats a good portion size. Also in the meal plan there is a choice for a dessert, but none of the choices are healthy desserts. I think in the meal plan there is a choice to have fruit for a dessert.


The lack of flexible scheduling and class availability makes it hard to complete some classes in the time frame allowed. Often, a person finds themselves in a position where they are set back a semester due to the lack of availability with regards to required classes. The school is typically unwilling to make arrangements for those students who have done everything required of them, but are set back by these restrictions.


The classes that I am offered is very limited.


The financial aid and registration departments have been changing programs and not communicating well.