Yavapai College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and give advice to my younger self, my message would be simple: Don't be afraid of change. My transition to college was a very difficult one, mostly because I left my high school and my entire support network behind at the age of 15. I had taken every single honors and AP course my school offerred, and still found myself bored and frustrated most of the time. I would tell my younger self that the decision to leave was the right one. I would not lie and say that it wasn't painful, but it was worth it. College opened up new opportunities for me, new social connections and newfound interests; I would want to remind myself that leaving high school does not mean the end of meaningful relationships. I still see my old classmates and friends, and it bothers me less and less that our paths, which started out the same, are now diverging. I would want to remind my younger self about the satisfaction of working hard and being challenged, and remind myself that I am strong, and I am worth it.


As a high school student I did just enough to get by or I did nothingat all. I also had emotional issues. I would tell myself to keep moving forward. Do not let your emotions distract you from what you need to do and what your dreams are. I would stress the importants of not waiting until the last minute to complete an assignment and always do you homework. I would also tell myself to look for academic help. I did not get the help I needed until the end of my senior year and I should have gotten it earlier on. I would tell myself not to back down even when people tell me "No" because I know what is best for me and I know when I really need help.


If I could go back to last year, I’d probably make myself get more involved with my school. I was not involved with much my school my last year of high school. Also I would tell myself not to sign up for all the same classes with my best friend, you will get sick of each other. Mostly though, I would tell myself that it’s not that scary, Mom and Dad are still going to be in Phoenix, waiting for you to come home now and again. Just because you no longer live under the same roof does not mean that they will stop being there for you when you need them most. You are only an hour and a half away from them. I know it’s scary but everything will be ok, you figure everything out when it comes to money for the first semester, due to working over the summer, but you use your weaknesses to your advantages. Everything works out for the best no matter how awful it looks.


I would give myself the advice to go to college before having a family. Having a family is wonderful but it would be less finanical worries if you would go to college soon after high school.


Austin, I know you want to enjoy your time with your friends here in high school, but you need to focus more on school and baseball. When you graduate everything changes. You need to work as many hours as you can with double the work on the field. Although you want to enjoy your final summer before going into college you also don't want to throw it away when you could be making money or becoming a better baseball player. Make sure you stay humble and never take anything for granted. Enjoy the little things passed on to you by your coaches, family and peers. Also cherish the time you get to spend with your family and firends, things may not always go the way you planned on it. I want you to know that everyone is here to help if you are there to put in the work. Stay humble and always give a hundred percent effort with everything you put your heart too.


The best advice I could give my high school self is to be responsible and not to rely on others to take care of me through my school work. Rather than expecting my teachers to notify me that I have not turned in an assignment, or that the due dates for certain assignments are coming up, I should be responsible for myself. I need to take good notes and take study sessions seriously before tests or quizzes rather than asking the teacher for help on most of the problems, because I did not take the time to review the material. I would tell myself to go above and beyond and do my best at all work that is given to me, so I can get more out of it, and recieve the best grade I am capable of. Additionally, I would practice at reading textbooks, instead of having the teacher go through it, I need to read ahead so I am able to ask questions or I can comment on the material the next day of class. Reading comprehension would also be helpful for my future self, so I become more familiar with what material we go over in class.


Instead of graduating high school I attained my GED when I was sixteen. Currently a middle aged, single mom of three teenage girls I know exactly what I would say if only I could make that leap back in time. It would be the same thing I say to my girls now. The advice I would give would be that "life is so very precious, as youth we think time is eternal for us but in reality our presence here on this earth is but a single breath in time. Take chances, experience all the joys life has to offer and most of all fill your mind with as much as you can possibly learn, either from gaining higher education, or following a life mentor. Soon enough you will be looking at more of your life behind you than you have yet to live. The older you are the harder it is to return to school. Too late, you will look back and wish you had embraced all the opportunities presented to you. Seek them now so that later in life you don't look back with any regrets".


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior. The best advice I could give myself is to not wait until the last minute to register. Get a head start. Make the best of it. You have nothing to lose. It's very stressful trying to get all of this done days before the dead line. It would have been a smarter choice to do this before, instead of after graduation.


Don't Procrastinate. Obviously, you're going to want to do everything that the college experience has in store for you, such as, partying, joining clubs, going to games, etc. but before you do anything, make sure your assignments are complete. This way you'll avoid alot of stressful nights where you dont get a chance to sleep because you decided to do everything last minute.


If I could go back in time and have a conversation with my high school self I would let her know that there is a plethora of careers out there to choose from. As children are growing up it seems that adults only tell them that one day they could be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, veterinarian, ect. No one talks about the millions of other careers that are out there can actually be fun and exciting, so most high school students choose mainstream majors and end up unhappy. I would definitely tell myself that I could be a marine biologist and train dolphins, or be a helicopter pilot, or a special effects makeup artist for movies. I was never the kind of person who wanted to do what everyone else was doing so I chose to be an art major. That area of study just didn't work out for me though and I think it would have been good to know that there were a lot of other options out there that no one thinks about. Who knows what kind of exciting things I could've ended up doing if I had known they were an option?


One regret I have from my years in high school was not understadning how the college process worked. If I could go back, the very first thing I would say is that there are no such things as "too early" and "too many applications". I would say to start as early and rigorously as possible and to apply to as many colleges and scholarships as I could find. The more you apply the more opportties you open yourself up to and waiting until the last minute will hurt more than help. I would also tell myself that picking a major right away isn't as important as picking a school where you will be happy and recieve a good education in any field. Many students change their majors, but switching schools, even from a community college, is hard and expensive so making an educated decision on your school is very valuable. Lastly, have confidence in your ability to succeed, because even a good school won't be your jump start until you give it your best and believe that you will accomplish your goals. College isn't just another building, it's the next chapter in YOUR life.


The advice I would give myself if I already knew about the college life and I was a high school senior I would definitly improve on being more social and interacting with different activites other than softball. College offers activities that allow the students and staff to interact with games, food and concerts. I would definitly learn to go out of my comfort zone to meet and help the people in the college society instead of doing homework in my room or just hanging out with my teammates.


Apply to every scholarship whether you meet the criteria or not. Start early and don't give up; college is important. You may not have time to do this when you're older, so soak it in now. There is a difference between private schools and public schools. More expensive doesn?t necessarily mean better. Try every other option before exploring student loans. Avoid debt at any cost! Get your paperwork in early. Community college is not a waste of time and is a smart move in your college career. Remember to pursue what makes you happy. Study hard. It's easy to fall into not going to class when you start missing them. Get involved in college activities and leadership roles. Organization and preparedness are key. Living on campus keeps you connected. Yes, there are community colleges with dorms. Get a mini fridge.; your mom will tell you to not to, but she?ll come around. Remember that change is inevitable and not necessarily a bad thing. Also remember to stay true to who you are, because, if you lose who you are, your future won?t look good no matter what advice you receive.


I would tell myself to work hard at everything, and make sure that i understood that i am on my own and i am responsible for what choices i make and the results i get. I would tell myself to choose good, reliable friends and never give up on anything or give in to anyone. I would tell myself to stick with it through the end even when it seems to hard because the reward will be more than a degree when i am through; it will be a gate to a life that has been earned. That's what i would tell myself.


If I could advise myself, or any other high school student for that matter, I would emphasize the importance of enjoying your time in school. While school seems like a chore to many, it is one of the most interesting things many people will have the opportunity to enjoy. High school especially seemed so bothersome, but looking back it was a time of simplicity and should have been enjoyed to the fullest. At no other point in your life does one have so little responsibility. If you can go to school and do some homework the school part is done, the rest should be fun. I would say too that aside from enjoying your personal time, it is important to enjoy your classes. Some of the things you learn in school can seem boring but once you realize that everything you learn will be built upon later, it becomes more important. College is a lot of the same idea but it is more self-driven and takes a little bit more juggling to succeed. If one learns to appreciate the knowledge that is available to them, the possibilities of what one can do with that knowledge are endless.


If I could go back to my senior year in highschool I would tell senior me to apply myself. This would include to study harder and achieve straight A's, focuss more on my art projects, get more involved in school activities, to respect my teachers who were just tring to show me the way to a better future and apply for scholarships. All of this work would better my chances of getting through college free. For instance; Good grades would prepare me for scholarship essays, by focussing on my art projects Icould enter contests and win money for school, by getting involed in school activities that would show scholarship committees integrity and commitment which would give me a higher chance of being awarded a scholarship and by respecting my teachers that would give me a better understanding of my potential and plenty of letters of recommendation to colleges and scholarship committees. If I did all this my senior year I could have my associates degree and be on my way toward a bachelors. Thats what I would explain to the lost senior me.


If I were still in highschool, and I could give myself advice, there would be so many things that I would warn myself of. First of all, I would remind myself that you cannot get anywhere in life unless you find a good career. You will not be very successful if you just have a "job". I graduated highschool two years early, when I was 16, and so when I enrolled in college I was a little over whelmed. It is hard for a 16 year old to feel like she belongs in college. So basically I was caught up in boys and that is definately one piece of advice I would give myself, "forget the boys!". Niether my father nor my mother ever went to college. My father died when I was 12 which was very hard for me. I know he would have loved to see me go to school and succeed. That is my main goal in life. I want to be an orthodontist so bad. I just want to prove to myself and my family that if you put your mind to it you can do anything you want. Thank you so much! -Courtney Guinn


The advice that I would give myself would be to understand and know that it is going to be a different experince and a journey that will have twists and turn. But no matter what turns life after high school will give you you have to stick it through. Also that you might change your mind about what you want to do but to always go with your heart not let anyone else tell you what you should do with your life.


I would tell myself to start school when I was younger because the older and farther you get away from high school the harder it is to get back in to the swing of going to school again. I would also tell myself not to blow so much money on clothes and save it for college instead.


If i could go back in time to my senior year of high school, i would tell myself to still enjoy it but to also really get my act together as far as preparing for college. I would have really thought about it more instead of relying on the commuity college so much. I wouldve applied to universities tht way it would have opened my choices and my eyes to the opportunities i couldve had. I would have applied for scholarships to also make school finances easier instead of trying to work and completely support myself without any extra help. Another big thing i wouldve got started on was taking more classes that were considered college credits. It wouldve made my work load easier the first few years and i couldve got started on my nursing degree that much sooner. I would tell myself not to worry so much about the small stuff and enjoy things while you can. Your only a student for so long until you start your career.


I would look myself straight in the eye and say.....Take 4 years of math, 4 years of science, 3 years of english, 3 years of history and 1 year of a foreign language. And dont forget to take some college credit courses in high school, the honors class would be best. The reason why, because it will get you so many more opportunities for scholorships to help you pay for college. Also it will give you an advantage in your college classes to come....


Dear self, High school is coming to a quick end, and i have decided to write you some advice on how to handle the next upcoming stage in your life , college. The first time around you decided to attend a community college for athletics instead of a four year institution . Big mistake, my advice to you now is to pick the school that you REALLY want to attend and go for it! Even though you love to play volleyball it will not help you reach your academic. I suggest that you go to the school of your dreams, leave volleyball behind. Another point I have to make clear is stay ontop of your classes, you have always been a good student and just make sure you dont give into the "sleeping in monster". It will be exciting not having parents and the temptaion of no rules will consume you if not careful. My final suggestion to you is , dont get caught up in boys, they are seriously nothing but trouble! Your freshamn year you will meet a boy and fall in love please dont! Focus on GRADES! Dont quit and stay positive, and know you can do it! love, Me


Since I graduated high school in 2002 ,and waited to go until 2010, I would tell myself that it's not worth waiting. After having two kids and getting married, I would say go now. I would tell myself that college life is exciting, and a new step in matureing as an adult. Get your edeucation now so that would have your degree, and you would be on your way to starting your career. I think I would say that college life is not scary at all. I would tell me, that their is nothing to be intimidated for, its a good experience, and that you will regret not going now instead of later. Sure the classes will be harder, more intense, more studying, more homework, but look at the finish line. The transition will be rough at first, but you will get acusstum to the process of college. I would say be smart about the choices you make in your last year of high school because, they will effect your freshman year, and what college you get in to. Maybe, stop and think about, all the interesting lab experiments, the edeucation that goes with you for a lifetime experience.


Dear KT, College is going to be a very exciting experience, make sure that you start every class with the idea that you are going to get an A on every test and quiz,in college you don't have time to make up lower scores like you did in highschool. Also since you where an athlete in highschool and arent going to be playing anything in college its important that you schedual in workout times and take many aerobics classes, because you arent going to be forced to workout and will find that the freshman 15 is really. Remember stay focused and be happy,lots of love Your Future Self:)


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior; I would tell myself to study harder, find scholarships sooner, read up more on classes for Yavapai college and chearish your time that you have with your family because you are going to miss them alot more than you think. I would tell myself to get a better summer job for college money and to become a better christian because its important to keep you religion alive in college. I would say not to stay up so late in high school or college because it affects your ability to perform in the class room. I would also tell myself to live a little more in high school because you only get one senior year of high school. Then I would tell myself to have the time of your life in college, but to not mess around to much so it doesn't affect your goals for a college education.


College is hard. With no one to force you to go to class or keep up on your homework it's very easy to fall behind. Don't let anyone influence what you want to do. Do what you think is best for yourself. You will make mistakes, but learn from them and move on. Don't dwell on what you should have done, focus on what you can do in the future. Stay focused, it's easy to become distracted with all the outside influence; parties, significant others etc. Believe in yourself, even when nobody else does. You can do it.


I would give myself the advice to try harder in high school. When I was in high school I was not super motivated about college so I didnt do my best. I didnt understand how much you high school grades affect your college career. I would advise myself to study hard and get the best grades possible and also start doing research on colleges early, that way you are informed on what they expect and you have goals to shoot for.


I believe the best advice I could give my former high school senior self is to let people help me with the transition and college in general. I am a stubborn person and I believed that I could figure it all out by myself. I wish I had gotten my parents involved and seen advisors more often because it just would have put me in a much better position going into my fourth semester in college. I would simply tell my former high school self to not try to figure college out alone because the help is available and it makes the transition much easier if you simply take advantage of it.


In the best year of my teen lives, i wish to tell myself that her college life is another part of the journey to take in. So much will happen and the best part about it is that you know what you are going to be: a teacher. Someone who will make a difference in young lives in a classroom. So now would be a good time to look at classes, a job in the field and look for a mentor who will guide through each step. You needn't worry about each problem that comes your way during the process because eventually everything will work out. It is amazing to have wonderful instructors at the college so take advantage of their advice while you can, so never be afraid to ask for help. If there is anytime in which you feel discourage, know in your heart that your children in the classroom are waiting for you, calling out your name, "Ms. Sonja!" Patiently they are waiting to learn about something exciting because it's coming from you. Trust when I say, they learn from a teacher they trust, so trust yourself and your students. Impossible is nothing.


If I could travel through time and advise myself, or others about the future or what it holds, I would definitely recommend a College education. Campus life is such a wonderful experience, the social venue, the learning environment, and the instructors are so encouraging. It makes you feel like there is nothing in the world, or your future that you can't achieve or aspire to. To put off College for more than a couple of years can be detrimental to your life and your destiny, especially if you hold yourself back (or allow others to). As my parents and other people once told me, a better education means a better future. I realize it now, wish I knew it back then. I admired my parents, and grandparents for returning to school, even if it was just for something to do. My pursuit of a degree in Law is just a new beginning, if I was able to tell myself to start earlier, I would definitely suggest an earlier start towards a future full of the greatest potential.


My advise for a younger and more tunnel visioned self, slow down. You have the rest of your life to be an "adult", relationships come and go, while certain educational and life opportunities leave and never come back. As much as I hate admitting this but LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS. They were right, plus if you listen to them life will be much less of a gamble but rather an educated guess. Above all have fun.


Just Do It! Start! Take the first step and never look back. Leave the fear and trepidations at home, or if I won"t leave them, I can bring them along, but go anyway. JUMP; take a 'leap of faith' into the next phase of my life. There are oodles of people who are trained to help me through the process (some want to see me be successful almost as much as I do), all I have to do is ASK, ASK, ASK. Believe in me, I am as worthy as anyone. Apply for grants and scholarships, they take time and effort, but that is minuscule compared to the time and effort it takes to pay back loans. Start now- if I take a year off- it can easily turn into 20 (or 30) (or worse yet, never). Don't worry about "What do I want to be when I grow up?", I can figure that out along lifes way. In the words of Johann von Goethe, "Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do." College will change my life, allow me to choose my path, reshape who I am.


First I would have to tell myself "Don't be an idiot!," become a highschool senior and finish highschool! You have more potential than you know, just stay in school. Study to be a helicopter pilot, electrical engineer, or a computer science major. These three things are what you would like to do for a carreer. You might not get rich, but you can be happy in your carreer and family life. In patring I will tell you this, live your life for you and your children, be kind to everyone, don't let the bullies get you down.


I graduated from high school early and thought about getting a jump on school early, but it wasn't the smartest thing. In all honesty if i could go back and talk to myself i would convince myself to stay in school till the end. I would have played basketball, continued to be president of NHS, and did more to make sure i had money for college. I also would have workedon getting a scholarship through volleyball. Now that i am a single mother it is harder to get money for college, but even the path that i have chosen has taken me on a great journey and i will do everything i can to help pay for schooling.


If I could go back and talk to myself when I was a high school senior I would say "Start at a community college." Starting college at a community college allows young adults more time to decide what they're interested in while saving money. If a student pursues a degree but changes their mind in the middle of it their money is not wasted because 1) that class can count as an elective and 2) that class is so much cheaper than if they had taken it at a university. Another piece of advice I would offer would be to give myself enough faith to shoot for the moon because the least I could do is hit a star. If I had believed that I could excel years ago I would be so much farther than where I am today. Going to school and doing well, along with the exploration tools Yavapai College gave me, helped me realize my potential.


I would tell my self to try your best and have confidence in yourself...becuase you can do it...i would also tell myself to keep whats importint in mind...and don't get lost with meaningless drama. Life is about the jorney...make it last an enjoy it....but keep the future in mind.


You have to focus. You are here to get an education. You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to but you have to WORK for it. So get serious and you will succeed.


Work hard and dont give up. That is the only thing you need to remember, give it your best and you will do great. Dont settle for any thing under 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} if you dont get100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} than learn from your mistakes and keep on moving on.