Yavapai College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known how to study and take more responsibilty of myself and my school work. The professors are not on your case if you do not turn in an assignment or if it is late. They will just mark off points or you will not recieve credit. They do not remind you of of upcoming due dates. You are responsible to know all of it on your own! And so I wish I had prepared a little better for that! As for studying, most professors do not give study guides so you must take good notes!


There is nothing I would have changed regarding my decision to attend Yavapai College. Academically, socially, and professionally Yavapai fits the bill for my needs!


Before I came to Yavapai I had already done a lot of research on the program that I'm in so there's nothing that I didn't know. I would advise anyone to do research before going to college.


Before entering Yavapai College I wish I knew to be more outgoing and participate in other activities besides hanging around my teammates. Eventually I got sick and tired of hearing the same old drama on the softball team that I needed to explore and meet new people that are not sports affiliated. Most of the athletes judge them because they are seen as "losers" but in reality they are fun and helpful if you don't know your way around the town.


I would like to have known how to navigate the admissions process. It was confusing and seemed that it could have been done better.


What a positive environment this school is.


You want to truly like what you do for a carreer, so find something that you enjoy doing that you can stick to for your college studies. Prepare yourself, college is not like highschool, you have to want an education. Have a back up major that may compliment your primary major. College has been pretty easy for me, but be ready to study it will pay off in the end especially if you like your carreer choice.