Yeshiva University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of individual who likes to be engaged both Judaically and Secularly and who wants to attend an all-boys college.


Anyone. Outgoing, shy, there are kids of all shapes and sizes here. Their are really nice kind kids that go here, they can connect with any kind of person. Mostly, someone who wants to stay connected with life's purpose, while creating a prosporous one for himself.


A Jewish person who is unafraid of a heavy courseload due to the dual curriculum.


A Jewish woman interested in advancing academically and in exploring more about her heritage through interesting and engaging Judaic studies classes. Somone who does not mind attending a school with a student body comprised almost entirely of Jewish Orthodox women. This can be a fun, enjoyable and richly rewarding place to receive a college education, but it can be an enormous amount of work (there is a dual-curriculum courseload, secular and Judaic), so the woman applying should consider her willingness to juggle a variety of different classes before applying.


someone jewish, whether religious or not this school is good for you. it will let you be yourslef and you can find someone like you no matter what