York College Pennsylvania Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A perfect balance between art and science and everything in between.


York College of Pennsylvania is small, friendly, and professional.


York is the perfect mix between city, meets suburbs, meets rural.


My school is small sized, private school inwhich tries to meet all the needs of students by having several lunch stations, music events, and community events.


My school is extremely green (our school color) and filled with pride.


York is a resonable priced school that has a lot to offer to students. There is always activities going on on campus and there is some stuff to do with in twenty minutes of campus. Even if you don't have a car there is transportation and freshman are allowed to have cars on campus. The class sizes a small for most classes, generally under 30.


My school is underetimated in its ability to provide an excellent education and college experience.


York College of Pennsylvania is a small-capused liberal arts school which caters very well to those students who have their focus/area of study narrowed down well before attending; if a students wishes to get a broad sense of education amongst classes with a high number of students (and a large diversity among these students), then York College might not be the best choice-- that is, unless a student intends to change their area of study numerous times throughout their college years (much like I ended up doing).


York College of Pennsylvannia is a small college where it is easy to get involved, be accepted, and make friends.


Helpful, fun, conservative.


My school is one of the most diversed but also down to earth college I have attended.


Small but spirited


YCP is student and acedemically focused.


It is very "clique-y" like highschool.


It is a nice school


My school is one in which the average student can do well and not struggle, the professors have a different approach to teaching in which the student interact more in the classroom with your classmates so everyone can succeed instead of long homework assignment and cramming for tests everynight, its a place where you learn by interacting and doing instead of falling asleep in class.


A cheap, private institution with great programs and strict anti-drinking ideals.


A struggling school in a bad area; half the students are there for education, a quarter are there because there parents are paying for social purposes. and the other quarter are just floating along, trying to find their way in life