York College Pennsylvania Top Questions

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My school puts a lot of effort to student involvment on campus. They provide a wide variety of on campus jobs, campust events, community involvement events, and student trips.


One this that is unique about the college I go to is the hospitals participating in clinicals in the nursing program. There are two hospitals that are roughly ten minutes away from the college that allow us to work on acquiring our skills in nursing. Also, there are two hospitals that are only about a half hour awway that also allow us to participate. Having four hospitals to work in, nursing students at this school experience much more than most students would at other schools.


York was the only school I applied to because it allowed me to go to classes as well as go to work and live at home. I am really happy with my choice. There are a lot of other commuters that attend and there are students of all ages. The campus is the perfect size for me since I never wanted to go anywhere with huge building, professors who do not know your name, and have huge class sizes. The students and faculty at York are friendly and helpful.


It is a private school with a fairly low tuition. It is also a small school that offers many different majors and sports teams.


York College of PA is a great school. The first thing that caught my attention was the beautiful campus. It is unlike any other college I visited. There are also a lot of campus activities to be involved in, such as intramurals and clubs. I love how intimate it is, and how everyone has something they can be involved in. At York College, I really feel like a person in the scheme of things, not just a number, like in bigger colleges.


I looked for a small college with great opportunities especially in the engineering major/field. The thing that was the deciding factor was that York College of Pennsylvania offered an internship program for engineers in which after the freshman year, every 3rd semester was a credited internship. This also meant that we attend college durring the summer on occasion. Very few colleges offer any internship , even the larger colleges. The collage is growing so there is a mix of old and new buildings and dorms. The professors are the one teaching the classes and they are always available to help.


My school offers small class sizes, which allows for more individualized teaching. It also offers students the chance to feel more comfortable asking questions.


Something unique about my school is how the student body is very open regarding drinking, what I mean by this is that if you drink there are places for you to drink and socialize with people who and dont drink; and if you dont drink you arent considered an outsider or weird and there are also plently of places or events for you to socalize with other non-drinkers and people who drink drink alike, but most importanly there is no diversion between these two types of social groups at this school unlike other schools.


Small class sizes and your prof. really take the time to get to know you and are willing to help at any point!