York College Pennsylvania Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


That the school is not too big, so that gives the privilege to enjoy small class sizes. Therefore, if I have any questions I can have one on one time with my teachers so they can clear up any area where I may be confused. Teachers see me as a name and not a number.


i mostly brag about school size and the condition of the buildings. The dorms are very nice and comfortable and the class rooms are in great condition and have functionable projectors and chalk boards.


The one thing I always brag about is our Sport and Fitness Center on campus. It is fairly new, being built less than 5 years ago and it has been rated one of the top sports facilities in the country. It was designed by the same architects that designed the Bird's Nest and Water Cube of the 2008 Beijing Olympics! Being a Sport Management major, our professors call the facility our 2 million dollar textbook since we spend most of our time there!


How well I do there.


My friends are very jealous of the campus at York College. All their colleges have is concrete and maybe a few grassy spots, while mine has a river through it, willows all over the place, and a very natural feel to it. I also tend to brag about my professors and how they know me by name. They always say that if i need to talk, they are there for me. I feel like I'm not just another paper for them to grade, but a person that they are willing to develop a relationship with.


My major and business and York College is a really good school for business.


My teachers are really nice and they really want to make sure you learn the material. York College has a great campus and lots to get involved it. Being in a fraternity and having lots of close friends makes it easy to pick the right classes for me and gives me the opportunity to talk to people who are in the same field of study.


Our Engineering porgram is brand new and state of the art, and our faculty/student ratio.


The size of my school is perfect! I usually tell prospective students about the small classes and the availability of teachers. It is easy to visit a professor during office hours to get help. Also, there is a Learning Resource Center which has both professional and student tutors available to help you.


I brag about our gym, the music department and the Science classes. On a second teir i talk about the social aspect and work opportunities.


I usually brag about the social and academic life at my school. York College does a great job at intertwiening the two. There is a great balance that really allows me to do well.


The parties!




There is never a dull moment on the weekends.