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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


It is important to not only consider the financial aspect of a higher education but also the environmental factors you are going to face. When choosing a college money does matter, but if you are going to be attending a "cheap" school that does not provide a quality education then no matter what amount of money is spent it is still being wasted. Take time and visit all the schools that you are interested in because it is impossible to know if the college is going to be a good fit for you personally if you have not actually stepped foot on the campus for yourself. It is also important to visit with the financial aid offices at all the schools you are interested in because financial aid varies from school to school and state to state. Just because you are offered a high dollar scholarship at one school doesn't mean that a different school isn't going to be more cost effective. Take your time and make this college decision wisely because the next four years of your life could make or break your financial future and career prospects.


I have been at York College since August 2010 and I have already made a lot of friends and even though I have had hard times in my life since I got here, my peers, teachers and friends have been there to support me whether it is just with a hug, a prayer, a friendship, or a card that says I am here for you if you need me. It's the little things here at York College that make the most of what you learn, experience, and understand here. The valuable qualities of York Collge are more than great. People come into your life and show the purpose of why you are here and support you with what ever you need. I appreciate the many things York Collge has given me, and that is what is valuable to me. Support is the most valuable quality.


If i could travel back in time, I would tell myself to invest more of my time by filling out every scholarship application that i qualified for and to invest my time in more important things. Leaving home to attend college will only strengthen your relationships with everyone you will leave at home. When you are given a great talent, make sure that you use that talent to help others grow closer to the person that they aspire to be. There is no such thing as choosing the right college, but more as choosing the college that makes you feel the most comfortable and welcome.


I would tell myself to take the application process more seriously. As a senior I applied to three schools because I thought for sure I would be attending UNL. I researched that school but I didn't really give any other school a chance. I wish I had looked a lot more into other opportunities, because I knew after my first semester at UNL that it wasn't the school for me. Also, I would tell myself to take advantage of volleyball opportunities. My senior year I was looked at a little bit by a couple schools for volleyball. However, I was so determined on UNL that I ignored those opportunities. I also didn't think I was good enough for college volleyball. Now I'm a sophomore at York College and playing volleyball there as well. My biggest regret is definitely not pursuing volleyball more as an option for college. It could've been a great way to gain scholarship money, which I could really use, and pursuing volleyball would've forced me to look at other schools besides UNL.


I would tell myself to have a little more fun at college. Don't be so strict about homework and things that you forget to make friends and have a social life.


Apply for as many scholarships as possible. Make sure you do well on the ACT. Find what you are passionate about and start working towards that. College is harder then high school and is not as restricive on whether you should be in class or not, but remember that it is not a joke. College is a big deal and you have to work hard at it if you want to do well. Choose a college that fits your personality and will support you and you will be off to a good start. Do over book yourself the first semester. Take time to get a feel for the college life and set a pace that you know won't wear you out too quickly. If you work hard it will show and you will do well later in life.