Young Harris College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Young Harris College is very well known for its location near the beautiful Appalachian mountains. You will find yourself stepping outside on many occasions and thinking to yourself "this is the most beautiful day of the year", when in reality, you will have several days with seemingly perfect weather. It is difficult to have a bad day at Young Harris College because every time you step outside your thoughts are interrupted by the unrivaled beauty of the mountains, colorful trees, chirping birds, and blue skies.


Young Harris College is best known for it's Education and Biology programs. They are known as one of the hardest, but most rewarding majors to get at Young Harris College. The English department is well known also because of the professionals that are our professors. We have an excellent Music program also. The campus is beautiful, I recommend that anyone should visit.


Young Harris is best known for its small, close-knit community. The college has been a two-year college since 1886, but has recently expanded to a four-year college with the list of majors increasing every year. The college is located in small town with beautiful mountains and scenery. Students are friendly and almost everyone on campus knows each other. Young Harris is popular with Methodist students because the school is associated with the Methodist church so many student receive scholarships from their church if they are one of the participating churches. YHC is great!