Young Harris College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Hey you, this is you, about three years from now. Weird I know, but listen up! You want to continue running in college and you should, it's great. You'll learn a lot about yourself and make lasting friends. Don't quit track, and rsearch the coaches. Next is school size. You started out at a small private school and transferred to an average sized high school, you're loving it! Keep increasing size, it will prepare you for the real world. Most importantly, we've reached the real topic: field of study and your future. You're great at science but you don't know exactly what you want to do with it. Physical Therapy, orthopedic surgeon, zoologist: I've looked into all of them, but by the summer before my junior year, I've realized what I've always known. We love the beach and everything about, so why not chose a career that requires to be around it, study it, preserve it, and use it to help others? Marine Bio is your calling so find a college with a good program, research, and employment rate. Also, fill out all scholarship applications you can!


The essentials are taking full accountability and responsibility for passing your courses. Intentionally put forth the due diligence towards your studies. Do the absolute best that you can. Required actions are time management skills, and test preparation methods. Moderation is almost everything. Attend class regularly. Study routinely and habitually. Find a study partner or group for every course you enroll. Teach each other the meanings of words. Practice and follow through according to the courses’ study guides. Quiz and test each other until you are ‘blue in the face.’ Take periodic study breaks. Utilize the Student Academic Success Center or hire a tutor. Practice good stress management techniques. Eat healthy food regularly for maximum energy. Stay hydrated. Avoid ‘junk food.’ Get good night’s sleep regularly. Optional actions are friends and college parties are endless. Hang with them, have fun and enjoy your ‘down time.’ Everyone needs it. Except, be mindful. Keep your partying to a minimum. Other times unwind are weekday evenings. Participate in college social clubs related to your hobbies or play on an intramural sports team. Remain focused. Feel responsible for your own progress and eventual graduation.


I would have told myself to take math first in spring and not summer semester, learning that much math in such a short period of time will wear you out. Stay confident because you'll go through colloge faster than you can snap your fingers, i started in spring 2012 and will be done fall 2013. The time spent in school will truly help us evole into something we never thought we could accomplish. After high school we truly took life by its horns and brought it to its knees, even though we will find out at the end of our college years that going into the police academy we don't need to have a degree first stay in school and achive your goal.


My advice to my high school self would be to start saving for college now! Even if you feel like you're not prepared or not ready for college right now, someday you will be. And at that time you will need as much funding as you can get. Once you find the perfect program in the field you desire to go into, it becomes a dream of yours. In order to make that dream a reality, you'll need financial assistance from grants, scholarships, and loans. It's not going to be easy, but I can promise you you'll be thankful you did it and it will deffinately pay off and make things alot easier in the long run.


If I could go back in time and tell my self one thing as a senior it would be form a study habit. In high school I was the drum major for my band and that has a pretty crazy schedule. From practice everyday but tuesday to games friday and competitions saturday I didn't have much time to study. While my grade stayed a little above average I still feel like I could have done better. I realize now that those study habits would help me to exceed my classes in college, but instead of studying being a habit year after year I am now going to have to start from scratch. If I had formed those habits in high school I would have had a lot easier time with my classes in college and I probably would have brought my grade point average up in my classes. If I had formed that routine as a senior it would have made my college life alot easier.


First off I would tell myself to try and save my money because college is expensive. But manly i would say to myself not to procrastinate because that really hurt me the first semester. Next I would tell myself to get out and make friends. If there is one regret I have about my first year in college it is that I didn't get out much. I still made friends but i think that if I got out more We would be better friends than what we are. then i would tell me to fill out more schollorships.Finally on a side note I would reasher myseal that college isn't as bad as i thought it was and to not be afraid and it will all work out in the end.


Advice that I would give myself would be to not be so worried about moving away from home. College is not a scary place but a good place to meet new people and find who you want to become later in life. I would also tell myself to stay focused on the end result. Make sure to take classes that my major required instead of other classes. College is a fun place to be but it is about school not partying. I would also tell myself to surround myself with great friends that I would not mind having the rest of my life because you might end up messing up a friendship. I would also tell myself to stay focused in class and learn how each teacher operates inorder to get the best results out of the classes.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the advice that I would find most comforting and helpful would be not to hesitate to join organizations or clubs. I would also tell myself to be very involved in everything I could. It helps one to make friends. Another piece of advice that I would give myself would be to make sure I did not room with a friend. By rooming with a friend, a person may run the risk of losing that friend. It is very hard to room with a close friend because you may see your roommate too much and start to get irritable. It is not wise to room with a friend. Another piece of advice that I would give myself would be to make sure to study. Even though my grades are pretty good, I wish I had known to study more when I got to college. When someone says make sure to study, they mean it. The last piece of advice I would tell myself would be that the transition into college is tough but in a matter of weeks, it will only get better and easier.


The very first thing I would say to myself is check out your teachers before you decide to take them. If you don't check your teachers out you may get stuck with someone who does not teach to your learning style, or even worse, doesn't teach at all. I would also tell myself is to make a plan of action and map out what classes I would like to take previously to the semesters I would take them. If you know what classes you would like to take it gives you more flexibility when you run into an issue where a class you wanted is full. Instead of scrambling for something you can just pull out your list and figure out what else you could take. Aditionally, I would tell myself to apply for as many scholarships as possible to aid my educational journey. Lastly, I would say develope good reading and study habits NOW!


If I could go back in time to my senior year of high school, I would tell myself that I should have taken AP classes. AP classes would have helped out a lot to be better prepared for the English classes and the work that I had to do in classes. I would also tell my high school self that I should have researched more scholarships so that I would not be so stressed out trying to find scholarships. If I had researched more scholarships, I would not have to worry about my parents forking out money out of their pockets. I would also tell myself to get out of my little bubble and be open to more opportunities and challenges that I would face.


Make sure you learn how to write good essays and improve your study skills. Try to learn a more about time management before going to college. Dont become roommates with a person you think you know from high school. Always ask for help from the professors. go to tutoring and be smart with doing homework.


Make sure that you manage your time right. Stay focus and follow instructions. If you need help always ask for it. Don't be scared to go the professors. they are not going to hold your hand. Enjoy the freedom. Do not drink or smoke.


My college experience has enabled me to feel confident knowing I am making progress toward the career I would like for my life. I would like to become a doctor, and know that it will take a lot of patience and dedication on my part to get the education I need. Sometimes I feel a little discouraged because I would like things to move more quickly and it can be daunting at times thinking of the all the classes and studying I need to do to reach my goals. However, this is teaching me patience- I am gaining more respect for people who are in the health care profession and I have a great deal of admiration for what they have done to get where they are. Every time I see a nurse, or doctor, I think that will be me someday. If they can do, so can I. College has also helped me have a great appreciation of my mother who has raised me and my sister as a single mother. She has always put our education first and goes without so many things so my sister and I will have a good future.


I have grown personally, academically, spiritually, and socially during my college experience. Because of college, I am a more confident person! My knowledge and wisdom have increased. I have made so many friends and discovered so many truly genuine people during college, including professors, staff, and students. It has been valuable to attend this college because it has made me a better person morally.The people I have met at college have instilled in me a sense of moral integrity, which is highly valuable. I am a music major, and going to college has given me the opportunity to be more skilled at singing. My voice has improved much over time and I have hope in going after my desired career. In additon to academics, morals, and skill, college has helped me to have a closer relationship with God and Jesus, which I am grateful for. My faith increase, which happened because of the spiritual programs and people at the college, has made me realize the importance of the Truth. I used to be so ignorant of the Power of the Gospel, but now I realize it is the most important belief I will ever have, its effects lasting eternally.


The decision to go back to school was the best choice I have ever made for myself. I love learning and I love that it will all pay off in the end when I am able to work in the allied health field as a radiographer. College has taught me more social skills and has given me more responsibility and a deeper work ethic.


I've learned that life will deal you a crazy hand, and you need to know who you are before you can know what to do with what you're given. Through just my freshman year, I have learned who mostly I'm not. I've gained new ground on which I can continue learning about who I am by not relying on myself, but on God. I've learned where I don't want to be and how I wish not to live. It's a good elimination process when you don't know what you want to do with the rest of your life. Instead of grasping at straws and playing with my future, I'm weeding out what's all wrong for me so only the right will be left for me to choose and pursue.


My college experience has been valuable for many reasons. I have become an independent person. I have made many new friends. I have joined a faternity. I am member of an athletic team. I am learning the skills I will need when I graduate to help in my families business. The atmosphere at the school is relaxing and the school gives me many opportunities to explore where and what I want to do for my future.


What I got out from my college experience so far is that if you manage to work hard and put your mind on something, you can easily acheive it. There are going to be times where I may fall and stumble, but I always have to remember to get back up and start again. College has been valuable for me to attend becasue I saw myself grow up and mature in the last couple months than during my high school years. Its also valuable to me because I was the first to actually be able to go college, and I was glad to see my mom be proud of me for it.


I ahve learned a great dela of responisibility from being at college. Because my college is so small there is much more student and teacher interaction and i enjoy it. It allows you to get closer to your professors and be able to sit down and talk about assignments. Young Harris College is such an awakening experience, it has taught me to focus more on my studies and to get my work done before i have fun. With such a small school there is less distraction up here in the mountains. College has taught me how to interact with people a little better also; I'm not as nervous around people or to speak in fornt of a large group of people either.


If I were to go back to being a high school senior I would tell my self to take advantage of every opportunity given to myself. I would work harder in school so that it would not be such a hard transition. College is extremely harder than I think. I would also spend more time with my family before I went out on my own. Only being away for so long can teach you how important your relationships are.


I was a very scared high school senior. I would always hear nothing but bad things about college. Simple things like the tests are impossible to pass, the teachers do not teach, and college is really hard. I was really nervous. When I arrived at college, I was somewhat shocked and surprised. I did great in school my first year, have become very active, and I am having a really good time. I would have told my high school senior self to not worry and go into college with an open mind. I would also say to myself that college is a new experience and make of it what you wish. It can be a blast if you do it the right way and stick with your class work and study hard. It will provide you with a new lifestyle and memories you will never forget. Have a blast and remember to have fun, but not to much!