Youngstown State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I tell my children that they will enjoy having the freedom to make their own schedule and as an adult you have more independence. The professors are super passionate abouty their specialty area and in the eight semesters that I've attended here, I think it's been a wonderful, challenging experience that will equip me to be in a career due to the academic and major focus.


YSU does have nice exercise facilities.


That the Spanish department is the best in the country


How close my classes are, and my anticipation of school and what it actually turned out to be.


When discussing my experience at YSU, I most often highlight the fact that I lived in the nicest college dorm compared to every other school dorm I have visited. Although YSU is known to be a commuter-type school, my on-campus housing made all the difference in my overall undergraduate educational experience and allowed me to have a "true" college experience even though my hometown was within a 25-minute drive.


I tell them how great the professors are.


I brag most about the Music School and my teacher. My private voice teacher is like my mom. I can talk to her whenever.


It's one of the least exspensive universities in the state of ohio .


The facts. YSU is one of the cheapest schools in the area, yet it has the second best music school in the state (best if you actually like playing in ensembles). Our teaching staff is extremely qualified and always helpful, no matter what. Also, the education college is incredibly unique. It has a one of a kind library (seperate from the college library) that education majors can go to and check out peer reviewed text books that high school kids will be learning from. Also, it is a member of ohio link, which connects us to every library in Ohio.


I brag about when I'll be graduating so that i can leave that place.


That I Received A Lot of Finanical Aid To Help Pay For My Tuition.


the friends i have made, and service projects i've done


My school is a friendly atmosphere. Everyone gets along here.


Academics and Sports.


The best thing about Youngstown State is that you get the feel of being on campus in a city but still be small enough that you have a personal relationship with all professors, teachers, and instructors.


great size, friendly teachers also students