Youngstown State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The negative aspects of the city it self are the worst part of YSU. Youngstown was once the murder capital of the US as well as the economic decline since the 1970's the university has been one of the top employeers. YSU offers great academics, extra-curiccular activities and social-outlets, so long as students take advantage of all the opportunities!


There is crime around the school.


The worst thing about Youngstown State University would be how much partying occurs on campus.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the tuition being raised and pell grants taken away. Youngstown State is suppose to be a way for those stuggling financially to earn an education. The cost of tuition went up $1,300 within the past two years, this puts a stressful toll on those already in financial need. Some low income families get to go for free just because their parents don't have jobs, while my family works hard to earn a living and I do not even get a pell grant.


The location is not the best. The reason I say that is because Youngstown has always been a high crime area and I personally don't feel safe walking to or from class. I take night classes and sometimes don't get out until 9:30 or 10:00pm, so I always have someone on the phone in case something happens, that way they can call the police.


The worst thing about Youngstown State University is that we dont have a lot of African American ran extra-curriculars aside from fraternities and sororities.


I honestly do not think there is anything that is bad about my school. Any time that you have a problem or anything wrong someone is always there to try and help you.


same as above


The only bad thing about this campus is there is really nothing to do on the weekends. Most of the student population do not live on campus so the school thinks that they don't need anything happening on the weekend. If there was a movie theater or something that is available to the on campus students then this will do the trick.


I think the worst thing is you do not have your own bathroom. If you stay in the dorms then you have a community bathroom. I share a bathroom with 42 other females.


It is located in a violent area.


The area surrounding my school has a bad reputation. My school is doing everything possible to filter it's students through volunteering and job placement to better our hometown though. Also through many and ongoing renovations, they have made paradise in the middle of a rundown city.


Everyone hates their lives. It's a very depressing area and no one does anything but drink. There's never any sun and there's no optimism. People don't know God and that's why I believe the area is the way it is.


The weather can be bad with wind, and in the fall and spring it can go from freezing to hot and back again many times in ohio. Somethings aren't done as elaborate as big schools but they are still done.


The fact that it is on a hill, so all of your classes will require you to constantly walk up hill.


The wort thing about my school in the parking lots.


The parking services, and parking deck M2 because it is so small, and tight! It fills up quick and it hard to drive around in at times.


I would say the location. Youngstown has a poor image and the saftey is an issue. There is a lot of crime, drug dealing and murder around the city. Thankfully we have an excellent security team, but the outside events give the school a negative reputation. Also, since it's a commuter college it seems that there isn't a real community feel to it.


The worst thing about this school is that it is mostly a commuter school. A lot of students take their classes and go home, so sometimes it can be difficult to meet people or find things to do for fun.