Youngstown State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any student wanting to attend YSU will find it to be like a home away from home. There are a variety of students that go to YSU, I don't think there is any one kind of person for this college they accept everyone for who they are from whatever background.


Those that are serious about pursuing a degree.


There is no specific "kind" of person that can atent YSU. Anyone can go to YSU. Many, like myself, saw no reason ot go to school away form home. It is much more convienient to go to a local school than pack up and go to a school half way across the state, or across country for that matter. Many students, however, may find that they struggled in highschool and have not obtained teh neccessary requirements to go to schools such as Ohio State University.


Anyone who really wnats to learn and make life-long friends.


The kind of person that should attend YSU is a person looking for a college that has a nice size campus to get around and is a division one school. They have people there that want to help you and many programs to help student succeed. So anybody who is ready to take the next step in their education and is looking for a easy campus to get around on and where they could get help or career advise go to YSU.


Someone who is okay with having big classes, a lot of party kids, and a decent education cheap.


I feel as if any kind of person should attend this school. This campus is geared toward accomendating everyone and is rather very welcoming of different groups among students. Students feel comfortable attending this school and everyone seems to find their group of friends and fit in in their own way.


Any person should attend this school, it has many majors to choose from. It is still lower in tuition compared to other schools even after the outrageous raise in cost. I would reccoment this school to anyone looking to stay close to home and save some money.


The type of person who should attend Youngstown State University is someone looking for a great education and preparation for any career.


A person who is focused and knows exactly their intended major and capable to meet the demands and expectations of this college.


Any person that wants to get a decent job in life without having to pay a lot of money. It has everything a person needs to get a good education. So if a person is looking for something like this they should go to this school.


A student who is driven to succeed in their academic major, have some fun, but get the job done in the end.


Someone who is not sure what they want to do, they can explore different classes to be sure what they want to do. Someone who wants the full college experience weather it's on a sports team or to join a sorority or a fraternity.


A Person That Wants To Further His/Her Career For A Better Future.


A person who does not spend a lot of time studying but does not mind studying during finals/midterms. Lives close offcampus. Already knows someone at the school. Very independent- not a lot of guidance from a lot of faculty.


Someone who likes being close to home and doesn't mind the same routine day over


Any one!


Some one who is good at sports and a minority because they are very into providing help for only those students.