Youngstown State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Anyone not interested in STEM, Music, or Medical degreees need not apply.


Someone who is afraid of the area or the groups in it should not attend YSU. Also, someone who has low acedemic expectations for YSU should not attend. The reason I say that is because YSU may have a reputation for being an "easy" school, but it's honestly not. The retention rate is too high. Whether that's because of the students giving up or because the classes seem to hard for them, I don't know.


Someone who just goes to school for the money. Although that would also be for any other college.


There is not a specific type of person that shouldn't attend this school. The only people that should not attend school would be the one's who are the one's that don't really care about school and they're attending just to go.


Any person who is extremely "outdoorsy" or nature-oriented will probably find the urban environment surrounding the YSU campus uninviting.


Someone who is afraid of the city, and being in an area that is unsafe to walk alone in at night. Also, someone who wants to have a lot to do on campus on the weekends and during the week for purposes other than school; since it is mostly a commuter college there is not much going on.


Typically people who want to be a part of a multicultural scholastic environment.


I think a person that wants to go to a larger school with lots of students should not go to Youngstown State. It is also a school that has a lot of students that comute so if that is what you want to do then YSU is great.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is the type of person who doesn't strive for success. Any one who doesn't push themselves to do the best, or be the best, should not attend this school.


A person who does not take school seriously - or someone without any drive. If you want to succeed, you can - and YSU will help you do it.


People who aren't willing to put time and effort towards their education.


One looking for a party school and a city like atmosphere


For students who would like to go into a music career, they should be self-driven to practice 3 hours a day. They should motivate themselves to work hard, ask questions, and never take an easy way out.


A persont that should not attend this school is someone who doesnt want to go to college and achieve their dreams and goals.


anyone who would like to learm. Someone who doesnt like a big school