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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


College is a great experience that makes you grow and become a better person. Our Computer Drafting Program lets us experience hands-on training as if we had already graduated and were working for an engineer.


the most i gotten out of college was the education. im learning more matrial in the classes. i also get to know more people by going to workshops and makeing study groups.


Currently, I am attending Youngstown State University, but fall semester of 2009 I was enrolled at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Unfortunately, I had to leave due to financial difficulties, but I will write this essay based on experiences from Purdue. The cliche is to say that college is a time of self discovery, a time for independence and exposure to the real world and unlike high school, in college there is more freedom. Well, it's true. College is a massive melting pot of people who agree on one thing; that thing being that education is a driving force that propels human life forward. The beautiful of a college campus, however, is that what college students have in common is, for the most part, the only thing they have in common. Exposure to a diversity of people is the strongest undertone of the college experience. For me, it has been valuable because everyday, I meet someone new, with an entirely different story than mine and everyday I learn to appreciate and pull from the experiences of my peers and that's what life is all about.


I have truely gotten so much out of my college expirience so far. I am so happy that I finally decided to go to college, even though I had no money to put towards it. I would advise everyone to try college, even if someone sayd they hated high school. I hated high school, but I absolutely love college. College is an expirience that you can not get anywhere else, and it will take you such a long way in life.


College, so far, has afforded me innumerable opportunities. Every day, I work closer and closer to attaining my goal of becoming an RN. Without attending college, I would not be able to achieve my dreams of my future career.


The first thing I would ask the question: What profession would you do even if there was no pay? What is it that you love so much you could do freely? Next would be to create a journal, starting with senior graduation date, college of choice, intended major. What type of degree want to achieve and time span. Take advantage of any college tour dates, preferably with parents, gather all information pertaining to college and surrounding community. Read and study the information to prepare for demands and expectations of the school, financial aid, etc. Include a social life to balance academic schedule, connect with professors in major and help centers to build a good academic support team. Be focused, enthusiastic and excited about pursuing your degree and charge forward. Continue writing in your journal the type of life you want to create for yourself.


I have been out of school 24 years. I went for 6 years then got married and had children. Now I am divorced and finishing my college education. If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would tell myself to get serious. I would tell myself to take life seriously, Get your education now and worry about boys and partying after you get the degree. Get a good paying job so you won't have to worry about if you will have enough money to pay the next bill or get groceries. You don't want to get married and think that your husband will support you. Life is no longer the same life your mom lived with your dad supporting the entire household. Don't think you will always have a spouse to take care of you and your job be the b ack- up. This isn't the 60's anymore. It's 1986-wake up. You have time to find a husband and have a family. You are an attractive, smart young woman. Use the scholarship and grant money and take advantage of it. It will pay off in the future.


Don't procrastinate about getting a higher education. Time is very precious, I am now 28 years old and just starting college. With the economy the way it is, a college degree is a must to make a living these days.


I would tell my self "Jessica, you are about to go on the adventure of a life time! There will be ups and downs. You are going to spend more money on books that could could possible imagine and you are going to grow to love the taste of noodles! Your going to stay up late some nights studying and other nights you will stay up late giggling with your girl friends you meet here. This is going to be the time of your life and through everything that you go through good or bad savor every last second of it. Thank God that he has made it possible for you to do what your parents could only have dreamed of doing. You are blessed. Know that and spread joy to all the people around you and everyone you meet at school. Never forget to smile! Even if you are having a terrible day you never know how you could help someone else. Most importantly of all things understand that you are about to embark on the oppertunity of a life time that some people only dream of. You have the world in the palm of your hand."


Its an easy idea to ponder, but an oppertunity that no one will ever have. If given the chance to go back in time and inform a younger me about what college would be like, it's doubtful he would even believe it. In high school I had little to no ambition or dreams of the future, and therefore put forth very little effort; wasting my potential. Only after graduation did I finally see how limited my options were without higher education. If given the oppertunity though I would inform him to work harder, so that i would have a chance scholarships, and wouldn' find myself burdened by crushing debt.


If i were able to go back and talk to my high school self i would say that overall i need to take things more seriously. For example, I would tell myself not to "slack off" in my classes toward the end of the year. I should have focused on my school work and filled out more scholarship applications. I also would have told myself to look into other universities and not just decide what i wanted to do based on other people. On the plus side, I would have told myself that I made the right decision with taking certain classes because they helped me be more prepared for my college courses. The work ethic I have, because of some of the classes i took ,defiantly helps me out now and I think i made some of the right decisions when it came to picking classes.


Don't take anything lightly. College is great and scheduling classes according to your own time is convinient, but don't take advantage of the opportunity to learn more. Use this time as an opportunity to make the next major step toward your career goals. Making mistakes such as skipping class, or dropping out of school would only make you look like a fool. Look into the bright future and realize that not everyone gets a chance to push themselves through more education to expand their knowledge in your career choice and life itself.


I would tell myself to stay the course but keep my mind on my end goals so that I could study hard and be the best possible student and receive the best possible education and maybe owe a little less money upon graduation.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to keep up with school work. I would drive the fact that staying on top of assignments is the best way to get through school. Furthermore, I would tell myself that college is hard work and that it has wonderful benefits. There are many challanges and late nights but if I study I would be able to achieve a 4.0 grade point average. Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.


If I could go back in time and give myself some advice I would tell myself to challenge myself. My senior year I decided to get lazy and dropped the hard classes but as I now see they would have helped me out emensly. I would have also told myself to be more active in my school. I did very few things and kept to myself and avoided confrentation as much as I could but I now see that I shouldn't have. Nerves also got me in high school and I would tell my self to in a sence "grow some balls" and just suck it up because it may have helped my social skills out a a lot. Well besides laziness, socializing , being active and not nervous there isnt much more i would say to myself besides warning me of mistakes that I made.


The only advice that I would give myself would be always remember quarters for the laundry machines. My first semester I didn't have quarters to do my laundry and that put me into a pickle. It would have been nice if I had quaters. I wouldn't tell myself anything else all that I have learned from the transition of going to college have made me who I am today. I am active in my school with my fraternity, and I have a large group of friends that will help me if I am in distress. I really enjoy who I have grown into.


Hey Shanelle, it gets very stressful worrying if your going to be able to go back to Youngstown State University semester after semester because your having trouble affording it. Yes, you could always take out loans but your going to have to pay those back eventually as well. So why don't you listen to your parents and study up on your SAT's more than your doing now so you can get a better score and get more money for college. You should also look for scholarships. Even if they're only $500 any little bit helps. You most definitly work on your study habits more too. Cramming a couple minutes before a test may have worked in high school but it will not in college. Lastly, be sure to make use of all the things the campus has to offer. It's free so you might-as-well.


I would tell myself to start studying more because studying in high school is much easier than studying in college. I would tell myself to take college seriously and don't push of financial aid and scholarships because they are your biggest help. Also i would go talk to my guidance counselor and see if he/she has any insight on what to expect in college or just any information i might need.


I would say don't take the easy classes, take the ones that will help with your major in college. Hang out with your friends more often and get involved more with school activities. Listen to your parents when they tell you to apply for as many scholarship as you can because college is expense and the more scholarships you apply for the more money you can get to help pay the tution.


To start planning early for college, keep options open and to keep achieving for your dream it is never to late!


I would advise myself to RELAX and enjoy life and to enjoy my senior year in high school. Most students including myself are so worried about tests and grades and college acceptance letters that they do not truly enjoy their high school life. I would definately join more activities in high school and speak more frequently with my past teachers. I know now that they are there to help all students and especially help seniors in furthering their education. Be prepared for college to be different than high school and accept more responsibility at home, on the job and in my studies. Most of all Have fun in life. It is too short and goes by very fast. Thank you. Katie Engle


Don't stress out about Youngstown State - it is an awesome school and you will transition perfectly.


Get More Involved In Extra-Curicular Activities, Dont Worry What Others Think About You, and Do Your Best To Succeed In The End.


I probably would have told myself that I did not need to limit myself in applying to colleges. I should have applied to more than what I actually did and taken the time to explore other colleges better by visiting and asking questions. I would tell myself that going to college was not my only option and that I am allowed to take some time off before starting college. Now I feel like I should have taken that time to think about what it really was that I wanted to do instead of wasting time.


High school hardly prepares you for college. It is a lot more difficult, and you have to give it your all. Do not slack off, and stay focussed.


Audria, start looking early! Figure out what your goals in life are now because when you finally realize it, it could be too late. You don't want to regret decisions made, find what you want out of life and start fighting for it now. You will come to a point where you question where you are and if it is where you are supposed to be. The feeling is not good. You want to be confident and sure of yourself the minute you step through those college doors. Regret is not an option. Also, don't be scared to make friends, they are going through this with you. Just hang with the right crowds, don't get mixed up in anything that will delay you from your goals. Look for scholarships! School work and athletics are enough of a burden, money will be one less worry with schoarships. The last advice I can give is to listen. Listen to those with experience and advice, you'll find they actually know what they are talking about.


Just do your best and know that school is one of the only ways to help you become successful in life.


I definately recommend prayer. I also suggest getting in as many go-sees as possible and narrow it down to the size of the school, the program you wish to pursue and the core beliefs of the college. Cost should be the last thing on one's mind because there's no price on education. Making the most of the college experience is very important. Get involved as much as possible and in things you enjoy. Especially if you're not living at home. Get to know the area, and find people that are like minded and stick to them. Drinking is overrated so stay away from schools that are party-oriented. Other than that, be picky. You're only in this time once, so get everything you want.


My advice for finding the right college is to know what you want when you start looking for a schools, or at leas have somewhat of an idea. Do not choose a school simply because you want to make it easier for your family because if you do that here is a good chance it will not be what you really want or need in a college. In order to get the most out of the college experiance you really need to live on campus, or in off- campus housing so that there is a better chance to get involved with on campus activities. Living with family or friends may seem cheaper, but you loose half the experiance because you have to drive to campus in order to be involved with any activity, or stay late. Another thought would be: try to find a college with a decent number of on campus jobs since these jobs tend to pay reasonably well and almost always work around class schedules, unlike some off-campus jobs. Finally, always be on the lookout for scholarships, no matter how much they are worth, they will add up and be of great help in the end.


To the parents and/or students who are looking at colleges I give you this advice: find the career that you want to pursue and attend the colleege that is right for you. Parents, it is important to let your future college student explore the world they have been given. Let them see the sites and give them the opportunity to embrace this new experience to its full potential. Students equally need to be open to the opportunities that will be avaliable to them everyday of their school year. Take chances and develop on what you already know and have accomplished. College is an amazing experience that should not be taken light heartedly, and there are so many opportunites for a college student on-campus and off. From international studies to fraternities and soroities; the possibilities are endless. So jump right into it and dont hold back! There is a world waiting for you and it starts with finding the career and college that is right for you.


Be sure to get involved on your campus; join clubs, groups, Greek Life, get a campus job, student government. All of these activities will prepare you for life upon graduation by giving you many opportunities to excel. You will build up a great networking base and meet lots of people. The best times I've had in college are the ones with my new friends doing things I couldn't on my own, like service projects. It's great to get involved in the community and do your part. My years in college have been the best years of my life because I have been very involved on my campus.


I would advice parents and students looking for the right college to visit the colleges that they are interested in. Overnight visits are the best option because you get a real feeling for the univerisity and the students there. I also recommend not overlooking schools that are close to home.


Try not to make it as hard as it could be. There's a great amount of fantastic schools out there and you can't be nitpicky to the point that you do mental harm to yourself i/e stress.


Take the time to visit the college that your looking at attending. Have a talk with some of the professors at the college, and ask them questions. See if you could even attend a few classes to get a feel for how the college operates. If you plan to be socially active in college, check some of the extra-curricular activities. If you are still having difficulties deciding between colleges, get past all the bells and whistles of the college and determine if you even feel comfortable with the college. It usually helps to have an idea of what you want to study in college as well. Try taking a test to help determine what field of study you would best fit in, if you are unsure. Most colleges do offer such tests.


Have rich parents.


visit the campus during the winter months


I would tell new students/parents to make a list of expectations from a college as well as the pros and cons. Visit each school and talk to students and ask their opinion on each. It is important to get a perspective from a student, not just the school administration. Walk around the campus and visit the dorms/common areas. Also, travel around the immediate area and see what there is to do in the community. If you do not care about sports, do not even look at the sports departments. If you are interested, make sure to visit the College of Business and talk to current students (not just the chair or volunteer doing a tour). Also, consider your financial situation and how far you want to be away from home. I would also encourage parents to let their children start making their own decisions and support them the best they can.


I would tell parents and students that no matter what college you end up at, you can make it the right college for you. As long as you join clubs and talk to people in class, it is easy to make great friends and make the most of your college experience. The right friends help motivate you to work hard in class, are great to study with, and help you love whatever college you attend. To make the most of your college experience you must work hard, even if everyone else is putting school to the side. By doing well in classes, in the long run, you will better appreciate the time you spend in college. Overall, I believe the key to finding the right college and enjoying college is good friends that you will have lifetime relationships with. They make getting through each semester easier, more enjoyable, and also rewarding if you find friends that have a strong work ethic.


Make is that the college has the major you want and an excellent program. You will go get to expericence college once so make sure you make the right decisions and remember to be yourself and have fun.


Visit all types of colleges no matter what you think you might like and know what majors are avaliable in case you change your mind.


I would tell parents to be very very involved in their students scholarship applications during high school and to find as many and to apply to as many as possible and utalize all resources. I would tell students to take chances and apply to schools they always dream of, and to take chances when deciding on a school, whether its 40 miles from home or 4000 miles. In the end, it only matters if you are happy.


Chose a college that has a great program for your major.


Please please please pick a school based on what you want to study. You'll be less miserable that way,


Advice I would like to offer to parents and students while searching for a fitting college experience and subsequentially fruitful learning experience is to search with open minds and strong desires. Everyone knows what they want to get out of a school so to settle for anything less than what you want is unacceptable. Look for a school that offerse you counseling, a great library in which you want to spend your time, professors from a variety of backgrounds who have a passion for the subjects they teach, and surrounding area you can see yourself living in for four or more years. A school like this usually yields a successful end t and helping you open doors for your future. When you leave the school you want to be able to keep contact with these professors as you build your resume. The choice is the seed of your future.


College sounds a lot more overwhelming than it actually is. The purpose for any college is to give students an education, while trying to provide a friendly atmosphere. It is very beneficial to go visit possible colleges you would like to attend, because it is all about the atmosphere, and when you find the right one you will know.


My advice is that look into colleges and see what they have to offer before making a decsion.


My advice to parents is to let their child pick what college they want to attend. Ultimately it will be the students hard work and determination that will be needed to succeed in any college, if that student does not like the college they are at, then what?s the point? If finances are a concern, then financial aid will be a great help, along with grants, and any awarded scholarships. My advice to the student is to research all of their options early in their senior year of high school, weighing the pros and cons of each of their options, and to ultimately follow their heart, and dreams! It is never a better time in life to follow ones dreams than it is in college! We can do anything we want! We predict our own destiny, all it takes is a little hard work and determination, which is easy to do if we are able to pick and attend the college made for us! :)


When deciding on a school make sure you keep in mind how strong the school is in your program as well as the debt you will incur. It isn't wise to come out of school with thousands of dollars in loans as it will take years to pay off. Try to pick a school where you feel apart of a community and that has a warm staff and students--especially i f you are going far enough away to where you can't come home often. Get involved. Find out what the intra-murals are or varsity sports requirements. Try out for plays or find a club. Finding an outlet will bring to you a plethora of friends and will make school less of a hassle and more enjoyable. Get to know your classmates and professors to improve your performance in school. Your teachers can be helpful to you even after the semester for recommendations and advice. If you aren't satisfied, speak up. Faculty will listen and try to help you. Don't suffer alone, it just adds more stress and takes away from your experience. Enjoy yourself, work hard and become a well-rounded person.


Make sure to visit each campus you are considering to attend, and ask the students who go there about the school


Make the best choice for yourself!