Youngstown State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


To do your research about the school/majors.,but it's all up to your son/daughter to apply themselves


The advice that I would give parents and/or students when finding the right college is to find a place that the student is comfortable in. A place that makes the student feel and home and if they need anything someone is there to help them in whatever theyu need help in. When finding a college make sure that they enjoy the surroundings and have fun being in school. The school that they choose to go to should have a fun learning environment. The student should enjoy going there and make many new friends.


When looking for a school, the most important thing is the types of courses they offer for the major you're looking for. As much as some people make of how the campus life is, college is about recieving an education. So when looking at school, see how the university is in the major you are looking at.


The most important thing about college isn't the material but rather the experiences you have. Two plus two will always equal four but how you get to that answer or who helps you get that answer is the important concept of college. Pick a college that will make you feel home.


I'd tell them to look at diverse schools. You should have a general idea of what you want from the school and should always remember that you pay the salaries of those who will teach you.


go where ever you would want to go, you can always change schools. You'll always wonder if you didnt go


I would tell students to look into every school because the school you think you won't like is most likely the school you'll love. Also I would tell them to not take anything for granted, take every oppertunity, join in groups, and study hard. Just because you are unhappy where you are don't let that hurt you in the long run.