Youngstown State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had been more aware of the sequences and availability of the various degree programs. A stronger understanding of what is offered would have helped me to choose a better academic path, which could have reduced the number of times I changed my major. This was my own fault, of course, the information was available. Although I could have used my financial aid more wisely to arrive where I am now, I am not unhappy with the disciplines in which I have unexpectantly found my greatest interests. Now a graduate program will be more of a financial struggle.


I wish i would have know more about scholarships prior to starting, it would have been great to apply and earn free money to study as oppose to taking out loans. I wish i would have known more about extra-curiccular activities; such as the REC, and student organizations, involvement is crucial to all success.


Before I attended YSU, I wish I would have known that it is mainly a commuter campus.


I wish i would have known more about available scholarships, and be able to get know the organizations around campus.


It's not as bad as its reputation makes it seem. If you care about your education and work hard and put effort into your school work you're to learn a lot here. You get out of it what you put into it.


I;ve been to other tech schools and other colleges in the area by far YSU has a solid academic program. The Engineering ang engineering technology programs are one of the best in the nation I just cant remember off the top of my head where I saw the statistics.


nothing i felt i knew everything that i wanted to know coming in


Being able to understanding community life and balancing it with your academics on campus.


I wish that I would have know how to map out my schedule better. I feel that I would have been able to graduate a lot sooner. I feel that the advisor did not understand that I though I was on the right path when in all reality I was not. They told me as an incoming freshman I should only take 12 credit hours so I did not get overloaded but I could have easily take 15 or 18 and been a lot farther adead. I wish I had someone to show me that at the time.


I wish I would have know exactly what I wanted to do before I decided what school I choose. If i would have known what I wanted to do I could have picked the right school for me in the first place.




what i wanted my major to be


How dirty it was.


I wish I had known there is no reason to ever be nervous about being at college because everyone is there for the same reasons. I wish I would have known to get involved with more clubs and activities right away because the longer you wait, the easier it is to put off and get caught up in other things. I also I wish I would have known that there is no reason to be afraid to go to your teacher's office hours for help because they are all very approachable and willing to help.


I wish I had known how much paperwork I was going to have to do for the nursing program.


What the classroom setting and workload would be like.


How much i would learn.


i dont think that there is anything i wish i had known before going to school.