Youngstown State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I feel the best part about my school, is that the material was hands on. I had the opportunity to learn in and outside of the classroom. I enjoyed that their were traditional and non traditional students in the classroom, because this made for very interesting discussions.


The best thing about YSU is the level of support faculty and staff provide to students. Peer mentors at the Center for Student Progress, the Veterans Assistance Center, faculty advisors--everyone has been amazingly helpful to me. They make me feel as though getting me through college is their one and only mission in life. If they make every student feel that way, it speaks volumes about their dedication and professionalism.


There are many characteristics of YSU to consider as its best trait, but the best attribute YSU has offered me in the fact that it is within a half hour driving distance from my home. I enjoy living close to the university because it has given me the oppertunity to stay at home and go to school. I realize that it is a great experience to go to school away from home, but for me, I was focused mainly on the realistic aspect there is no reason to pay ot live in dorm when i could live at home.


The teachers in the educational field have great hands on experience that they are able to pass onto students. They are willing to work around a busy schedule in order for all students to accomplish top marks in their classes.


It offers alot of opportunities for career development, community projects, and socialization with peers and instructors. It is near a downtown city area and park so there is plenty to do when not in studies.


The best thing about my school would be the college parties i would hear about and a new Dunkin Donuts was added this year.


The best thing that I think that Youngstown State University offers is the low tuiton costs. For being a four year university and to have a great population, YSU offers small classes, almost like a student is paying for a small learning institution.


I would consider my professors the best tool at Youngstown State University. My professors have been my greatest asset as they have helped not only my education, but also my character. Having professors that care about my personal success and know me on a first name basis has been extremely rewarding.


Location and proximity to my home.


The best thing about Youngstown State University is its afforablability.


The campus is very accessbile to students and community at large.


The best thing about Youngstown State University is the staff. They are all very willing to help, even when a student isn't at their highest rate of success. They push us to be our best to get through our classes and make us understand that the way we act with simple things in class may relate to the way we act in life itself.


The best thing about Youngstown State University would deffinatly have to be the challange. I believe this is the best thing about this school because to have a successful career one would have to show that they are up for any challange. The challange of completing Youngstown State University shows employers that you are one of the best to hire in your field.


The best thing about the school is the friendly staff. I am not saying its a cake walk but the teachers are always there to help and they care about each and every one of their students.


The variety of people on campus because it makes campus more interesting.


The people I have met in my fashion classes, the organizations that I was involved in, and the tutoring resources assisted here.


I think the best thing about YSU is the small class size that allows one on one interaction between students and professors. I feel as if most teachers know their students and provide ample opportunities for help.


...............never really thought about it , there is nothing that is to spectacular about this school ... the rec center is nice but it is hardly ever open


The major choices, because there are so many different options.


the food


The best thing about this school is that it is safe. There are not many reports of violence on campus, which is remarkable for where it's located. The size of the school is also comforting. It's big enough, yet not overwhelming.


I would say the friendly staff and the dedicated teachers. YSU accommadates as it can in order to provide career opportunities for students or provide resources. The school has done an excellent job providing beautiful scenery and clean, comfortable lounge areas and study rooms and computer labs. We also have an amazing rec center that is free to the students.