Yuba College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Yuba College is best known for its nursing and police training programs. The large amount of nursing students makes it extremely difficult to get into a lot of the Science classes. The police-in training also love to give out parking tickets.


Yuba College is best known for it's transfer program. Counselors from four year universities, such as UC Davis and Chico State, often visit our campus to meet with students and work out a clear agenda that will make the transfer as simple as possible. Every counselor that I have talked to has been kind, helpful and efficient. Many other students and friends have successfully transfered to the school of their choice; something I'm planning on achieving very soon as well.


Yuba College - Clearlake Campus is known for being helpful and extremely supportive of their students. They go the extra mile to help their students with school work/homework, filling out papers, applying for classes and student aid, etc. That is why my 1st choice is Yuba College.


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