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Yuba college is unique because of its facility. They all really care about you and want you to succeed. The teachers want you to pass their classes and help you in every possible way that they can to help you pass your classes. I attended a college in connecticut and they facility did not care about the students like Yuba college does!


Students help programs are a unique feature of my school. There are several programs which goal is to help students succed in school such as CARE program, Tutoring programs, and EOPS which are of much help.


I believe that because I go to a community college, all of the student there are from different backgrounds, and are of different ages. The teachers and counselors are more than willing to help a student out with their goals and classes. With the college being smaller than a university it is less stress on financial situations. What I absolutely love about the college I chose is the professors that work at the college are remarkably wonderful. I enjoy all the aspects of a community college with the diversity of people that attend at Yuba Community College District.


The thing I find most unique about Yuba College is it's history and that of the area around it. While it may not be common knowledge, Marysville was once a florishing city comparable to New York City. Unfortunate events have caused the city to fall into the back pages of history, but the golden days are what we remember. The pictures around campus show the school in those prime days, which is vivid difference to how it looks today. The school struggles with the california budget deficit as it tries to bring back old glory with a modern touch.


Whats unique about this school is the people that attend . The staff and the students are all extremely friendly. The campus is older but nice, and it is easy to find your way around. All together, this school makes it pleasent to attend and makes the two years fly by. I would highly recommend this school for any nursing program or even for any first two year of you college education.

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