Yuba College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I believe the type of person who should attend Yuba College has be someone who is determined to got further in their education or someone who has an undecided major and wants to experiment different areas of education.


In my opinion any kind of person should attend this school. I myself am a 29 year old single dad who wants a education to better my life. I have seen students fresh out of high school, and others in my age range from all different racial an ethnic backgrounds. So I beleive that the school I've recently enrolled in , is compatable for many different "kinds" of people.


Someone who wants to stay close with friends and family. Also people who can't afford to go to a four year college or any specialty colleges.


Someone who might not be sure what they want to study, on a budget, wants to play a sport, or needs a few extra classes.

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