Yuba College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I believe their is no one out there that doesn't deserve an opportunity to attend some form of higher education. I believe the only people who shouldn't attend this school would be the ones that arent willing to work for what they want. You have to strive for success to do well in life. This school offers many opportunities for all different types of students, so I would say that this school is good for anyone.


I believe that if you are not a dedicated student and not willing to put all of your effort into school, you should not be attending college. People who are struggling to to attend college deserve to be able to attend with help and guidance. If you are the type of person who ditches class, or is drug dependent college is not right for you. With people ditching class, it is a waste of space when another student who needs the class could be there. If you are the type that doesn't do the homework either should not go.


The type of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who isn't willing to learn, or open their mind to new ideas.


If you are the kind of person that wants to get in college and out of college this is not the school for you. This is a two year college to get prepared for the four year university or to be done with college after two years with a certificate or an AS. This college is small it is a small town and if you like the party scene and want to be at a bigger college this is not the college for you.


This school is great for someone who needs to take a few classes, either to transfer to another college, or to finish pre-req's, or to just take a class. It may be good for someone who isn't prepaired yet for a bigger university, or for someone who can't afford another option. Because it's small, it's easy to get one on one attention if needed, and every professor I've had has been great and very supportive.


This is a very good school for college beginner. You could start out slow but you will graduate with hard work and determanition.

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