Yuba College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


At woodland Community College the professore are all really hands on. Each class is only about 20-30 students so there is lots of one on one time with the professor. This school has also a small campus, and a great parking lot. since the price has gone up again on tuition it is now $26 per unit. For parking its only a $1 or you can buy a parking permit for $20.


I consider the EOP's Program to be one of the best programs at the community college I am attending. This program helps students who are struggling financially to pay for books and also has a library for students to check out books. Another thing that I consider of much help from this program is the monthly meetings that this program offers, this meetings are always interesting and there is always good information given.


The best thing about Yuba College is the professors and campus staff. Everyone from the instructors to the office staff and the janitors have helped me with my assignments. The staff is always willing to listen when you need to talk. Plus the classes are not huge so you get more one on one help in class and in the study hall.

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