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  • Francine Block

    Title: President
    Company: American College Admissions Consultants

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  • Admissions Expertise

    • Can what I post on Facebook affect my chances of getting accepted?


      Listen to what Thomas Reason, then Associate Director of Admissions at U.W. Madison posted a few years ago concerning MySpace.  "Be careful what you put out there in the public eye.  We at Madison will not go looking for it, but if it ends up in our lap, it will be hard to ignore. Exposing oneself or being passed out with one eyebrow shaved off doesn't make a "real" good impression of one’s character."  He continued with "I think it is also worth mentioning that a lot of strange and nasty things go on.  Example: Other vindictive students/parents forwarding things on (to colleges) that they've found out about others. Yes, it's nasty out there."

    • I want to make the most of campus visits. What should I do, look for, and ask while I'm there?


      Always visit on a school day unless the school schedules a special weekend program  for accepted students.  Take a campus tour, even if you took one earlier.  Read the posters, what are the activities/programs/speakers/concerts available for students? Read a school paper.   Attend an intro lecture class: what is the interaction?  Who is teaching?  How engaged are the students?  Visit the Career Center--do they have active career alumni networks helping students get jobs?  Does the school help you get an internship?  Ask lots of questions: academic requirements, core curriculum, retention numbers, social life, what would students you talk to change about the school?

    • What makes a school large or small and what are some advantages and disadvantages of each?


      You have to decide what you specifically want from a college and then make sure that size can offer you those requirements.  If you are going to be a science major, you need to make sure you will be guaranteed a science research slot BEFORE your senior year, that work will be important for you to have when doing grad school applications and you also need to know before senior year if you like lab work.  Thinking about med or law school? Make sure you will be in small enough classes where the professor will know you so she can write you a letter of recommendation.

    • What are the most accepted or exaggerated myths about the college admissions process?


      SATs/ACTs are not really all that important, that is what the college rep said when they visited my school. The coach really wants me and says he can get me in, my academics are less than stellar, but that’s not going to matter. I do not need to visit schools now before I apply, I will wait and see where I get in and then check out the campus.

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