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  • Katherine Cohen

    Title: Founder & CEO
    Company: IvyWise & Applywise.com

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  • Admissions Expertise

    • Can what I post on Facebook affect my chances of getting accepted?


      While admissions officers aren’t creating fake Facebook profiles or searching for individual students, they do receive anonymous “tips” regarding inappropriate student conduct online.  Often, schools are obligated to investigate and offers of admission may be revoked.  Use the “grandparent test”—if you wouldn’t want your grandparents to see it, don’t put it online!  This applies to your blog, Facebook profile and photos, Twitter tweets, and LiveJournal posts.  You can use the Internet to express yourself and show admissions committees your passion.  If you’re a photographer or artist, post pictures.  Musicians, start a MySpace page devoted to your music.

    • How do I understand my financial aid package and which tips and tricks can maximize my aid?


      Look at free money first—scholarships, grants and merit aid. Then, work-study—job placement on campus or in the local community. And finally, loans—money plus interest paid back over time. Once you’re admitted, a college wants you to attend. Have your parents call the financial aid office. Present the most comprehensive picture of your family’s financial situation, including any changes. Ask a first-choice school to match another offer. Students often receive more aid. Awards may not be consistent for four years—you’ll need to reapply annually. Choose a college that’s an academic, social and financial fit for you.

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