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  • Linda Turner

    Title: President
    Company: The College Choice

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  • Admissions Expertise

    • As a high school junior, what are the most important things for me to do before senior year?


      There are a number of practical things that should be on a junior’s timeline, including testing early, securing recommendations, visiting colleges. But before doing anything else, define who you are in relation to choosing colleges: what are the characteristics, both academic and lifestyle, that combine to produce the colleges that are the best fit for you? Picture yourself at college. Where is it geographically, what is its size? Does it allow you to learn in the way that is best for you? Are the students those from whom you will learn and with whom you will form lifetime friendships?

    • What are some convenient, well-paying jobs for students who need to work while in college?


      Normally, jobs will be available on campus in the fall in just about every academic department and division (e.g., Student Life, Admissions, Housing).  They range from the fast-paced cashier in the cafeteria to working in the library, where you are afforded time to study.  Some of the most beneficial opportunities can be found in the department of your career interest.   Not only will you be paid, you will learn everything about the department from the inside and will get to know the individual faculty members and deans.  Look for internships and graduate school recommendations to begin taking shape from your first day on the job.

    • What are some of the most unexpected costs for incoming freshman?


      Think about the items in your bedroom, your bathroom, the kitchen and the family room that you can’t live without.  If you’re planning on taking duplicates to college, your shopping list will be expensive.  Do you need that down comforter? The microwave and refrigerator always at your command?  The high-quality entertainment center? Once you’ve installed these items in your dorm room, don’t be surprised to find that the cost of books and school supplies surpasses the budget you imagined.  Be prepared to order food outside of your meal plan more than you expected and if you pledge a Greek organization, the costs will jump substantially. 

    • I was rejected from my top school and waitlisted at my second choice. How do I pick a backup?


      First, understand that there is never just one right school for you, or even two. You have two tasks: 1) decide if you want to remain on the waitlist and if so, reaffirm your interest with the school and update them periodically with any accomplishments you have achieved since you first applied.  2) You must choose to accept admission at one of your other schools.  Review the academic and social factors that drove your college search and attend Admitted Student Weekends prepared to validate those factors.  Ask yourself, Can I see myself feeling at home here?  Your answer will come.

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