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  • Nancy Meislahn

    Title: Dean of Admission & Financial Aid
    Company: Wesleyan University

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  • Admissions Expertise

    • How can I work with schools to boost my financial aid? Are there other sources of student aid?


      I’m a cards-on-the-table kind of girl.  As circumstances change, you should be in contact with each financial aid office to learn what may impact your application given institutional policies.  For some schools deadlines may be critical.  There may be differences between schools with merit vs need-based aid.  Ask what documentation you need for an updated review of your aid package.  The timing of your parents’ unemployment (and benefits) may be a factor—for example, you may be asked to wait a number of months until you can file an appeal depending on severance and potential re-employment.  Don’t be shy or embarrassed:  Financial aid counselors want to understand your situation and respond to the extent they can with the resources available!

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